Discussion: Toothpick Frets?

My supervisor has asked me to build him a CBG, which I'm only too happy to do.  Thing is, my first two I used metal frets which were a royal PIA, so I was thinking of making his with toothpicks.  My questions are: how well will they really hold up, is there any noticeable difference in the tone, and which are the best to use?  Are the grocery store toothpicks hard enough?  What about bamboo skewers?  I've tried search but I'm just more confused.  Help!

A note from Shane Speal:  Thank you, Habanera Hal for this topic!  I've turned this into a featured discussion, so please post your tips, successes and failure with toothpicks and other wooden frets.  I've also added the photo above which shows a 70+ year old instrument with toothpick frets still intact.  (That instrument and others are detailed at CigarBoxGuitars.com.)      

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    Actually foam files have been used by luthiers & techs for the last 10 or 15 years or more, they have give but aren’t as “flexible” as you’re thinking. In fact they have less give than sanding sponges? One thing I learned working as a tech in the traveling music business is keeping abreast with new technologies & techniques, as they always make my work easier. Plus, I have to try everything before I knock it, it may be the future of things to come? P.S. I worked with Bernie of Fret guru a few times in the business, he’s a great guy! I also have a full set of his tools, they’re pro quality for sure :)

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      I have used toothpicks on a few canjos. After gluing them in my sawed slots on the fretboard , I would file/sand them level, then soak each one with thin super glue. Seems to harden them abit.
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        Mark Miller