Banjo Mandolin [skin] to mandolin [wood] top conversion

The sound of this is over in the videos...

Thanks for looking Taff

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    Timothy Hunter

    very nice Taff, for a customer ? 

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      Carl Floyd

      That's great, Taff!  What are those, Mandjolos, Banjolins.....

      Here's Taff's video sound clip:

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        Taffy Evans

        Hi, Tim, no it was not for a customer when I did the work I just wanted to see if the conversion worked so that those who wanted their instruments playable could get it done with less outlay. It is for sale now.

        Hi Carl, thanks for checking in and for adding that link to my video, that skill eludes me. If it was made of wood I could work it out, Ha-ha.

        The banjos shown are Banjo mandolins, due to the eight strings and being tuned as a mandolin. The style of the banjo is The Zither Banjo with a 4” – 5” pot and a closed-in back.

        Some people may call them a Banjolin, but that is a different type of banjo and can have 4 or 8 strings. The Banjolin style of banjo has an 11” pot and an open back or often a resonator fitted.
        There are thirteen different types of banjos, not counting Cigar box types.
        Cheers Taff