I am back and I have something new; Biscuit Tin Micro Bass

Been a while since I last posted on here. fair enough most of what I build is for sale and I don't want it to look like I am on here to advertise, but this build here is a personal one and one I have been planning for for years.

It is a Micro Bass, for those that don't know thats a super short scale Bass guitar, similar in size to a Ukulele bass; in this case the scale is 25.5 inches, the same as a standard Strat or a Tele. it started by mistake, when I bought the neck I thought the short scale it was described to have was 30 inches like a Squier Bronco, but when it arrived I found it to be much shorter and decided then and there that I would use it for my own purposes. 

after a few years of gathering parts, researching the Micro Bass and designing the bloody thing, I finally got around to building it. the hardest parts of the build were aligning the individual bass bridge pieces for correct spacing and height and finding a set of Bass strings suitable for such a short scale. the bridge pieces were easier than expected as I had recent experience of using them on another slightly longer bass project.

the strings I settled on were not Bass strings but the bottom 4 strings from a set of Ernie Ball 9 string strings (105, 80, 64 and 46). this worked because they are tapered for the short scales of 9 string guitars and it worked for me because they were about 1/3 the price of a set of actual micro bass strings.

I love this build, but it features a small sad engraving upon the neck plate. I was drunk and sentimental when I had it engraved and had that old black magic called love hanging over me. in short, the only part of that love that remains is engraved upon that plate and I will say no more about it.

I love this thing which I shall name after that girl and I hope you guys will love it too.

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    That’s awesome, I have a short scale 3 string Bass (24”scale) hiding behind the TV in my living room :) Great to see you back around :)

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      Timothy Hunter

      awsome build. 

      I started a bass 3 string short scale but i had a router mistake when doing the trussrod slot and lost interest in it.  I must try to finish that build as i have a fair bit of money i bridges and tuners etc...