UPDATE on my health issues

As some of you already know , (due to my personal letter to some members here (below ) I am dealing with health issues .  

 “”Hi,  I hope all is well with you . Unfortunately , I can't say the same for myself . I have been ill for a while  and losing weight rapidly,  and , finally   Last week . I was diagnosed with  esophageal cancer ,  The outlook for me is not very good at all . I am still home , and still  able to get around a bit , but my caregiver duties for my  wife  are now very limited ,  so  we are  trying  to set something else up for her .  I have alot of chest pain ,  I have to blend all my food in a blender  and  crush up my pills as I can't swallow anything solid . Treatment and scans are delayed due to covid backlogs  etc .but success rate is low anyway..   So  while i am still able  , I'm just letting my friends and pals  know whats up with me and explain my recent absence . and touch base while I still can , and thank them for being a friend , and know that they are appreciated . 

Take care my friends . 

aint life a bitch . ?


 UPDATE .  They found spots in my liver also, after the CT Scan. but are not sure if it is the cancer that has spread there too , so I have to get a full body  P.E.T scan to find out .  so . I will be radio active for a while .lol.  They are also prepping me for a feeding tube this week .  Weeee ….. big fun .

But for now . im still home and still  fighting it off .

Wish me luck .


  • BrianQ.

    As a survivor, I’m wishing you lots of luck!!! You’ve definitely left an indelible mark in the arena of homemade madness that we call cigar box guitars!! You’ve helped many & I hope that many help you in return  :D

  • the anonymous pick

    Thanx BQ , means alot . Glad to hear from someone that has  made it through this mess . It gives me a little more hope ;-)

  • Keith Rearick

    Pick, praying for you, wife and doctors, that they can get you on the right path.

  • Uncle John

    Pick, I was slow to see this.  Hang in.  I will send up another prayer along side Keith's.   

  • Jerry Jordan

    I was thinking about you the other day. Wishing you luck, and all the best. You're one of the pillars of this community.

  • the anonymous pick

    Thanks guys .   the encouragement and thoughts are a big help. 

  • Taffy Evans

    Hi Pick, sorry to see you are not well, I must have missed earlier posts, sending best wishes.

  • the anonymous pick

    Thanx Taff

  • Rich

    Aww, Pick.  This sucks.

       I understand a bit. I am a cancer survivor. Every day is precious.

    You are in many thoughts and strength is sent. Try to be of good cheer.

  • the anonymous pick

    Thanx Rich

  • Taffy Evans

    Hi Pick, I did not mention this earlier, but positive stories are important at times like this. Both my wife and I have been through this journey, my wife twice. and as Rich says every day now cannot be wasted.

    I was radioactive for six months, but the readings did decrease monthly.

    best of luck Taff.
  • the anonymous pick

    Thanks Taff ,  always good to hear survivor stories . lol.. i joined an online support group and every single entry in there was a memorial .  so . i promptly gave that up.  and  gonna hope for the best . 

  • Derek Rose

    Very sorry to hear about your health, Pick. Prayers for healing and successful treatment for you and your wife. I have read where some people have eaten certain foods and avoided others with the intent to make the body more alkaline and less acidic to make the environment less hospitable to growth of cancer cells. Hopefully the spots on the liver are not related and something normal like benign cysts. Keep positive!

  • the anonymous pick

    Thanx Derek . i'm tryin ;-)

  • Myron Joe Hickel

    anonymous pick, thoughts, prayers and cbg strumming will be sent your way.

  • the anonymous pick

    Thanx man ;-)

  • Darryl Tuttle

    Just checking in Pick….wishing you strength 

  • the anonymous pick

    NEW UPDATE .. well ...

    Got my results back .. and the  consultation ..

    Cancer has spread    to my liver ,  and soft tissue in my back . and lymph-nodes  . cant  operate , incurable ...... gave me a probable 3 months to live . 

    Radiation may help with quality of life and keep me home longer , but may not add any time to life expectancy.  but if it goes well i could then try chemo  and maybe extend  it to 6 month to maybe a year .. As of  now . i think i will do the radiation and try  for 3 to 6 months but hope for better and then see if i can handle chemo and maybe get more time.

    Wish me luck on proving them ALL  wrong . .

    PS...  No matter what happens . plans are in the works for "swamp witch guitars" the name , the brand , and the sound,  to live on through new ownership .  expect an announcement on that  in the near future . ;-) 


  • Derek Rose

    Rooting for you to prove them wrong, Pick. Sorry to hear you have to go through this challenge. Prayers for some positive healing and that you feel better soon as well. Check out Dr. Joel Wallach. He recommends certain foods and minerals to fight cancer and what to avoid. Here is a link to what he recommended to someone with esophageal cancer. He is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, who strongly supports Dr. Wallach's work.

    Dr Joel Wallach short video

  • Uncle John

    Do it Pick!  Prove those quacks wrong!  I'm rooting for you buddy.   Maybe you need to eat more prunes and pickled eggs.  Maybe you need some of my home grown tomatoes!   Thinking of you, friend.


    S.W. Nation is fighting with and for you and your Family Pick. You and your Guitars are a big part of this place, which you know is full of faith prayers and positive thinking for you right now. I noticed you had not posted lately and was getting ready to leave a note on your page like I did for N.kat and JIm recently then saw this and my heart sunk. Keep on the Dr's find your best way forward keep us updated. Positive thinking my Friend for you and your Family