UPDATE on my health issues

As some of you already know , (due to my personal letter to some members here (below ) I am dealing with health issues .  

 “”Hi,  I hope all is well with you . Unfortunately , I can't say the same for myself . I have been ill for a while  and losing weight rapidly,  and , finally   Last week . I was diagnosed with  esophageal cancer ,  The outlook for me is not very good at all . I am still home , and still  able to get around a bit , but my caregiver duties for my  wife  are now very limited ,  so  we are  trying  to set something else up for her .  I have alot of chest pain ,  I have to blend all my food in a blender  and  crush up my pills as I can't swallow anything solid . Treatment and scans are delayed due to covid backlogs  etc .but success rate is low anyway..   So  while i am still able  , I'm just letting my friends and pals  know whats up with me and explain my recent absence . and touch base while I still can , and thank them for being a friend , and know that they are appreciated . 

Take care my friends . 

aint life a bitch . ?


 UPDATE .  They found spots in my liver also, after the CT Scan. but are not sure if it is the cancer that has spread there too , so I have to get a full body  P.E.T scan to find out .  so . I will be radio active for a while .lol.  They are also prepping me for a feeding tube this week .  Weeee ….. big fun .

But for now . im still home and still  fighting it off .

Wish me luck .


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  • Maddog

    I have not been on CBN for some time but did see your message a few days ago and needless to say I'm speechless and shattered with the news. I sent you a PM and I'm thinking and praying for you everyday my Friend. Love You Brother and God Bless Pick.

  • Matthew Borczon

    Stay strong my friend! I will pray and send positive energy your way!!

  • T-Gripped

    Sorry to learn about this! Know that you are a special, talented Dude. I will be praying for both you and your wife.