3 String Red Dog Resonator

Ol' Bookie's been at it again. Just finished a 3 stringer for myself a bit ago. Made the box from native Iowa cherry with a birch bottom. The neck is walnut striped oak topped with Ben's golden skull tuners. Dan May over in Colfax donated all the wood for the project just to keep me out of the taverns. It goes without saying that most of the little components are Ben's. It's tuned open G and the piezo pick-up does need a pre-amp to tone down the Red Dog resonator! 4 pics for your consideration.

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  • Uncle John

    Loving this one, Steve!

  • Steve Bookout

    Hi John!  Thanks for the kind words.  Building a couple of ukes at the moment.  Both will be different, and one will be another bizarre example of one of my brain cramps. When you coming up this way?

  • Uncle John

    Will message you.