A while ago  , I was in the process of  building a donated  banjo/  guitar for a local guy here that helps with delivering prescriptions ,  groceries , etc  for folks  that are unable to,  He does this  on his own time  . and even  occasionally  buys them coffee  etc.. out of pocket , and takes no payments .   Well  , due to a shipping snafu , my parts I ordered all  went missing . And this left the project in limbo .

That’s when Ben at C.B GITTY stepped in , and offered up his new  country roads banjo kit .  This was perfect .   it arrived quick and safe and sound . and  is  actually  a lot more solid and  sturdy  then I expected . In fact , way more sturdy than  most  cigar box guitars I have seen .  I was  pretty impressed .  The neck channel really holds things in tight.  Truly an awesome kit  ,,   easy to follow instructions  and great bang for the buck .  Has  a great booming banjo sound too !!!!

As you can see, I put my own design flare on it , I added  cut up pieces of a drip pan to accent the  f holes . gave it a cool stain and ammo case theme  and added his initial  on the headstock .

I  Met the guy this morning  , and  surprised him with the banjo , ………..He was almost in tears . ( and he is a big guy ) .   It really was awesome  .

Special thanks to Ben for stepping in and making this possible .  (and an extended thanks  from the banjo owner to Ben.    (who I give all the credit  for this one )

Weird how smiles are contagious..  even online  ;-)

  • Lynn Hagans

    Great story and a great looking instrument.  I love the Winchester theme.

  • the anonymous pick

    Thanks Lynn ;-) all part of the  sharing / caring  here   on cbn ;-)

  • Ben "C. B. Gitty" Baker

    You're welcome, Pick! You did great work with this kit, and it's great that it's for a good cause.