Sisters of CBN....maybe we should share something about who we are, where we're from (or where we're going?) Write as much or as little as you'd like. Hell, make it up if you want to. We won't know any different -- unless you become a CBG star.

Whaddya think?

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Hi Linda and welcome to the group! We are happy to have you here!
In response to you question, if you search "piezo wiring" or "piezo diagram" you'll come up with a bunch of very useful stuff. Skeesix is a member here and is extremely knowledgeable about pick-ups (she even winds her own single coil 3-poles) so perhaps she'll be able to drop in and point you to something specific.... I generally put mine somewhere under the bridge on the inside of the box and attach it with hot glue, or I make some that are embedded right into the bridge (Darren from Backporch Mojo even has video's about how to do it). You'll also need a 1/4 jack wired to it and then a guitar/instrument cable to run to an amp. I hope that this is enough info to get you started! Again, welcome!
Hey Linda, welcome to the group. Glad you fell in love with the cbgs. Please share your 1st build with us. I would love to see it. I am not from Kansas, but here I am. I am a mile or two from you----South Ga. LOL
Building gets in your blood and soul, and you can't help yourself from building another and then another.
Happy building.

Hi,  Just raising my head above the washing line.


Have been here only 24 hours and am hooked:)  Got the bug after taking my daughter to Ukelear Meltdown festival here in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) last year and suddenly remembered the CBU ideas as my partner's birthday looms large.  Am on thrift overdrive so I can leave work and start Uni in September.


It was great to see such talented women perform at Ukelear Meltdown including Ukelily,Eilidh Macaskill and Dirty Diamonds. 


I can play a few chords, there's more in my toolbox than in my repetoir so I need some practice at playing but feel confident to tackle the construction (though I might change my mind after the first few cuts of the wood) I'm hoping this  might just spur me on to practice more if my partner plays and likes my first build I'm sure I'll keep on building.  Luckily a cigar shop just opened in my town :)  I'll be off to make friends this week.


After the first build I expect my daughter (12 years old, keen sax player) will demand one too.

Next will be putting up hammock posts at the allotment so we can sit in the sunshine and play :)


At 30 I realised I need to get out of office work, life is too short to do a job that doesn't make you forget all sense of where the time went. I want to spend time making stuff and being outdoors :) 


Did some african drumming a few years ago and realised just how sexy music can feel.....


hoping that this family that plays together will stay together


so good to meet you all!  x bronwen



Welcome, Bronwen....

"At 30 I realised I need to get out of office work, life is too short to do a job that doesn't make you forget all sense of where the time went. " ....that says it all.

lots of talented folks in these groups to help you.

if i may suggest something, check out "Crow".... he has quick, easy, inexpensive building tips.

i have built a few 'over the body' ones similar to his---some with eye bolts and some with regular tuners,no frets--- but i allow the 'stick' to be long enough to stretch past the end of the box.

Easy, primitive.... i love the way they sound, and my playing has improved a lot....

welcome and enjoy...zandi z.


   I am a steel player, songwriter, guitar player and recently a stick dulcimer builder.  My next project will be a cigar box guitar. 

hi ladies my name is ricky edison i live in bryson city nc at the present im playing the banjo im building tinjos and this is my first on cgbn i will soon build a cgbg im 45mns from pigoen forge n gatliburg tnn if any one wants to give me a shout please do my profile picture is of my grandson n i at dollywood on a roller coaster a better pic will come later



Hey everyone! My name is Jenna, and I'm from Canada. I'd been wanting to build a cigar box guitar for a couple years, but hadn't gotten around to it. I finally started a couple months ago, and I've been enjoying the process immensely! It's gone slowly, due to not having a proper workspace and the proper tools, and also just because it's my first build (and I'm a perfectionist...). I've been having to build it outside on an old table with just a couple of clamps and some tools that probably aren't exactly right for the job whenever it's not raining, and then make continuous runs to the hardware store to buy new tools/supplies! But I'm very close to being done, and I'm going to post some pictures soon. This is an old picture, I've done a lot since this was taken (stained/clear coated the neck, shaped the headstock, shaped the neck, etc.) but it shows you what it will look like. It's going to be fretless. The box is a wood and hardboard box. I'm glad that there's a group for just us womanfolk on here! :)

  Guess its about time I spent a couple of minutes here to introduce myself and THANK all the sistas out there for all their  inspiration/effort and love of music-building. I'm in Victoria-Australia, near Warragul,( thats in west Gippsland,) east of Melbourne. I also grew up in the 60's, in a very musical family, but like most of us had to make a now that I am of no use to the workforce I am going to play merry hell making a nuisance of myself-with lotsa noise-and make "stuff". My real name is Tia..BUT."stringybark" because I love strings but cant sing for nuts. So far I have built 3, 4string guitars, 2, 3 string slides and just onto my 5th ukulele. With each build I learn (mostly what not to do next time). I was a disaster and did a complete neck rebuild..still not 1005 happy, but hey..its a stick and a box. I started of learning classical guitar, and I suppose like most women, playing guitar is a 'solitary' hobby. So clasical suits that I guess, you are basically playing for and to yourself. Where I live is a little remote,in the mountains and many locals are very interested in the music and 'builds'. I mostly end donating the guitars to charity to auction, give them to relatives, and have recently decided I will probably start giving a few to people who cant afford one but really would like to play. That is of course until they start fetching $1,000 each, which will never happen lol. Anyway if ever any of  CBG lovers ever happen to venture this side of town, come say G'day...cheers from the aussie sista...T

Hey All,

I just start my cbg life in January 2014, when I found some u tube videos on building cbg’s, while searching for info on building strum sticks. Forget the strum sticks!

I received a Yamaha 6-string guitar while in 7th grade, and learned to strum along with 4 or 5 chords.  Never really got the hang of it, but have always had a core connection with the stringed instrument resonance.  I am a woodcarver/instructor and do a little woodworking, as well.  For years, I’ve been intending to build a dulcimer (never happened), then intended to build a ukulele (never happened), then intended to build a strum stick (doesn’t need to happen).  Within 3 months of discovering the cbg, I have completed 5 cbg builds, and will start on #6 today!!  Would have gotten to them 1 month sooner, but I had to get a carving class commitment out of the way, first.

In addition to building the cbg’s, I’ve learned how to solder, and read electrical schematics, and have wired 4 of the guitars with piezos.  Also built a ruby amp and a noisy cricket amp!  I haven’t carved anything since the end of January.  In fact, I had to pack up my gouges to free up my carving bench space for cbg building.  I’ll need to get them back out soon, though, as I have another class to teach next month.  I think the concentration and having to learn about wiring is very good for my brain health, at 56 years of age.

I absolutely love the open tuning of the cbg’s and that even I can play them! I should clarify that my playing is for MY enjoyment, whether anyone else would enjoy it or not.

Aside from cbg’s, as I mentioned, I am a woodcarver (mallet and gouges) and I teach a few classes around the Country.  I also do an occasional chainsaw carving.  My profile pic is a carving I did in 2008, just after getting married.  I gave it to my husband.  It’s called ‘Hormonal Seepage’.  My husband and I live out in the country, in south-central TN.  I’m looking forward to all of the sharing and learning here on the CBN!


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