hello all , ive been making quite a few necks, and experimenting with different heel shapes and shaping teqhniques. Im interested in how others do it so I can get a broader perspective on how its done out there . my biggest bummer is most of the necks i do are two pieces of 3/4 inch x 1 1/2 glued together for the neck and body/heel portion. and when done shaping the heel there will remain a thin glue line .

Also please post up procedure pics if available thanks in advance .

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I think I do all mine the same way mate, although I never find I'm unhappy with the glue line (although you really only see the grain going off in 2 directions) - I only see it if I'm really looking! How big a line are we talking? Is the wood you're using planed nice and flat? Good clamps etc?
thanks forr the reply mate , answer is yup to all the questions what im looking to see is actually the shaping teqhnique, my heels still tend to be a bit flat at the glue line , if that makes any sence , its prolly nothing mind you but its been my " achilles heel " lol no pun intended as far as style goes. if i shape rounder i cut too deep into the neck , etc. so ive experimented with different pre cut angles before glue up , just to see if i may get the right profile. but none yet that ive totally been satisfied with . I guess the profile shape is the main thing im trying for

I just re read this - when you say about cutting into the neck, well that's exactly what you need to do... by the time I have finished shaping a neck I have usually taken quite a bit of material off the original depth of the neck blank. Once I am happy with the shape of the heel and 'shoulders' and have rounded over the sides I use a spokeshave to take a little off the thickness of the neck before rounding everything over with a rasp.

I am wondering about your glue and technique. Might you be using too much glue? Also, what kind of glue are we talking about? Here is a stacked heel I recently did:
Scott What a beautiful heel, thats what I was talking about the blend where the heel flows into the neck , what is your teqh, to work that area to blend into the neck to get a nice flow. Its not so much the glue line I was talking about in my post as much as the transition from heel to neck and that unsightly line that i have , its not a glue line as much as it is not a smooth transition

ELLwood let me sr if i can get a heel shot like scotts, so you can see what im talking about .

I think your transition between heel and neck is fine.  One thing I have done is to use a totally different color wood for the heel so the transition is obvious....don't try to hide it.  I have used Walnut heel and Oak or maple neck.

I also make some ukes with Douglas fir laminated necks and heels.  The joints are barely visible.

thanks for the replys guys , I still feel like the heel transition is too steep and dosent blend well with the neck, ?? maybwe its just me .
I'll post some pics of how I do mine tomorrow morning...

Ok, as promised, a couple of pictures. Like I said it looks like we make our necks pretty much the same way. I glue 2 pieces from the same length of wood, reversing the grain, the use a mitre box to make a 45 degree cut where the heel will slope down towards the neck. This isn't strictly necessary but as I use rasps to shape the heel it cuts down on time a bit. I then use a half round rasp to fully blend the 2 pieces together, so none of the original outer boundaries of the 2 pieces are visible, if that makes sense?

...like I said, I can see where the 2 pieces join by looking at the difference in grain pattern, but it doesn't bother me.


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