Ok, so I built my first CBB, now I want a portable amp.

==Disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm doing!!! So any and all advice is greatly appreciated==

 I found a good box at the Cigar Shop recently: 16"x7x5

Thinking of mounting the speakers in the bottom, nice looking wood (thinner than top). Maybe a latch on the side panel to open for controls panel? Storage box for batteries, maybe ac adaptor? Picks, slides.

 I would like to have an AC DC adaptor, not sure what voltage. The amp says 9-15v, could I hook a wall adaptor and a 9v battery up to  switchable loop?


 I am thinking about using this amplifier:

Wayfinder reports good luck with it. Though it is volume only, no tone. Seems easy enough to plug speakers into it.

AC/DC 12V 2x15W Digital Quality Audio Amplifier DIY Kit Dual-Channel Module 4-8Ω

1. Working voltage: DC 9-15V
2. Power: 15W +15 W
3. Maximum power:30W+30W
4. Output Impedance: 4-8Ω


Would need to add a power switch between amp and supply.

  And looking at these speakers:

PYLE-PRO PDMW5 - 5'' High Performance Mid-Bass Woofer

  • 100 Watts RMS / 200 Watts Peak Power Handling - 5'' Treated Paper Cone
  • 1'' High Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil - 15 oz Magnet Structure
  • Sensitivity: 90dB - Frequency Response: 80Hz ~ 7kHz
  • Mounting Depth: 2''
  • 8 Ohm Impedance



 For power supply a 9v battery and a acdc jack would be sweet. Can't seem to find an adaptor line in jack that isn't for a specific computer


Ah, this might work?



 Power switch?:



 Maybe just a 9-volt battery that I unplug when not in use?

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Cross posted from another spot. Thinking of combining a mixer into the cab.

Might be a good spot to wire in some tone controls to that amp? Maybe just in place of the volumes?

 Don't know if that would change wiring. I'd like to have at least one input with tone (for my bass) and could use master volume for it.

 Then have volume controls for stompboxes and not worry about tone on them.

-----cross post----

OK, here's what I was looking for:


 That's a 3 input, one output passive mixer. He has a vol. pot attached to two of the inputs.

I think I'll just combine this into the bass cab I'm making. Then I can have a stompbox plugged in too.


 The amp has a 1/8 input and I was planning on using a 1/8-1/4 adapter internally so I'd only see the 1/4" outside.

 But now I think I can wire an old earbuds 1/8" adapter and wire in place of the 1/4" out, keeping that all internal to the amp.

 So the amp will give me a master volume, then I can set up a couple sub-volumes in the mixer panel for the stomp/whatevs. I'll have 3 output jacks on the outside of my cab with a couple volume controls.

  I suppose this could also be a good place to put tone controls in.

OK, so it's almost complete. 

 Still having issues with getting sound in/out....

 It had been awhile but I came across a picture of my Bass pick up harness. This makes almost no noise at all when plugged in and volume cranked. I can't figure out why (electronics dummy).

 I ordered a pre wired piezo disc set up. It has 3 piezos in it. I put two on the neck and one on side wall (for thumping with my thumb). Through my Crate and TCE amps it works fine.



 I also made a strum stick in which I used a simpler set up. pre wired disc, thicker wires (20g I think).

 If I plug in the strum stick I can hear it quite loud.


My goal is to use this headphone jack wired to the 1/4 input. The volume on the amp and the 1/8" jack are 90* to each other and I want them both on the same panel facing forward.

 However if this headphone jack is held or soldered onto the 1/4" jack the most I get is some faint crackling. (no matter the instrument plugged in). Are the wires just too small?

 (have tried wires reversed to to eliminate positive/ground issues)

 I bought a male/male 1/8" cord for my ipod to test the amp/speakers, it has larger wires but I don't want to chop it in half unless I have it on good faith that the larger wires would be a solution.

works great with the ipod btw.


 When using this 1/8" to 1/4" adaptor plugged into the amp the strum stick works great. (That doesn't solve the bass not working, or the 90* angle I am trying to eliminate though.



 The bottom piezo is directly under the bridge, and wedged in tight under lid.

Just weird that with 3 of them I get almost nothing, but with the strum stick with only one I get great sound.

 I'll try a different harness for sure now, still need to figure out how to get the wired adaptor working.

Why does your guitars input jack have 3 terminals? Your problem may be there.

If that jack is a mono jack, there should only be 2 terminals. A stereo jack or mono jack with a shunt will have 3 terminals. If it's a mono with shunt, make sure the shunt isn't breaking the circuit when plugging the cord in. If it's a stereo jack, make sure the positive goes to the longest/tip connector and the ground to the sleeve and not the secondary connector.

 The shunt doesn't break the circuit when cord is plugged in. I also found a mono jack (which I think I put in the working but glued together strum stick).

 I also found a CD>Cassette device with a 1/8 jack. I cut the wire and they are same size as the headphone one I was using. Tried it also on both input jacks but all I get is static.

 Still have that thicker wired 1/8 to 1/8 cable that I really on't want to cut if I don't have to.

 Thinking of trying to find old used computer speakers with a 1/8 jack for the wire first. hmmm :(

Must be those piezo's then, but it seems illogical that all 3 piezo's are bad.

Can you post a close up pic of the wiring and components?

Sorry to leave you guys hanging...

 I have just replaced the 3 piezos with a single bottle capped piezo. Haven't strung it up yet but tapping on the lid is loud and clear. Just needed to reinforce this box a bit first.


 I think the previous issue I was having with the earbud wires not working is that the red and green 'wires' are actually the wires. I thought that was insulation and was trying to use the grey wires they were wrapped with (grey must be the insulation).

 I came to this realization after cutting the thicker expensive cable and noticing it had wire wrapped around the inner wires.

 Any way I'm using this more expensive one.

 Have the box built up though not finallized (needs some screws and a cover plate for the cabelas battery).

 I'll get picks up soon.

Those small wires can be a big PITA.

Yeah and my vision is getting worse, I can barely see that small anymore :(

 Alright! Thanks for your help guys. It's all finished up and working great! I do want to make a wood cover to hide the battery and I might find some wicker to cover the speaker and make it look more rustic. Have room for another input or two also.

 The official Bass Busker!


 Oh yeah, busted a string but more on the way...


Got a video sound track of it?

 Not yet, have some new strings on the way, well new to me strings.

 I have used my 35" scale tuned Bead thru it and it does pretty well. When playing the B the cone moves quite a bit if I lean in some. But sounds good.This bass is tuned ADG, I think it is a good match for an acoustic git volume wise.

 I may try one more piezo inside the bass for more volume.


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