I don't know about you, but there are certain situations, places or people where it is just much more difficult to maintain my commitment to be "Christ-like". What are they for you and how do you deal with it?

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Ordering Satan away in the name of Jesus is not Crazy.... it is Biblical and very smart...



L.J. said:
I find it hardest to be christlike when hott women are involved.Beautiful ladies definately take my mind into a lustful place.A trick a christian friend taught me just this week is as follows.

Have someone count to 20 silentley in there head. While they are counting tell them to "say thier name" When they say it ask them what number they were on. The lesson behind this is they wont remember the number they were on.
Meaning when you get off track.Speak it somewhere else. Say something that puts you somewhere else. Im not saying speaking is Christlike.But trying to keep love and service in your mind( instead of the trash we deal with) is one step closer to Him.

I find another thing that helps me.Is to start my day off right.On my way to work I will tell satan to get off my back in the name of Jesus.He has no power over the name. When I was a kid our preacher taught us that .
I might sound crazy to some of you.But I am building my relationship with Christ everyday. I know I'll never be worthy myself.But through him I can live in Glory! And I know were gonna be Jammin in Heaven one day.
Ted Crocker said:
My life is hardest to be a Christian in real life. I'm content with me and mine. He smiles on me. I work alone...

Sometimes it's hardest when I'm reminded of scripture in situations. Good ones and bad ones. Sometimes the timing isn't right to raise your hands. Other times it's not a receptive crowd and you sit on your hands. Most times you just think you know what's right then it's gone. And other times you're caught up in it...

sometimes you toss spears...

Then go to confession online... LaughOutLoud

No penance so far...

thanks sam

Ted your never alone the truth is in your creations of your guitars, this is a God giving talent that many people wish they had.
Well, I have found it most difficult when talking about "church". I have been a part of MANY churches and worked at several in professional and lay ministry. I have said it 1000x, the western "church" is full of good people, but not necessarily spiritual people. I cannot stand the do-nothing, pew-sitting, stained glass social clubbers. I cannot tolerate their self-righteousness amidst Biblical incompetence, their hypocrisy amidst judgmental attitudes, their pointless tradition for tradition sake, their shallow teaching and lazy faith etc.

Now I understand that Jesus flipped tables, but I would rather burn the stinking building. Words can do a great many things for the good, but it can also destroy...Jesus burned with a righteous anger that drew the hard line and put people right where they belonged. I tend to be have more anger and not enough "righteous" as I simply refuse to share in their idle notions of spirituality. So what most people casually refer to as the "church", I find disgusting. This in turn takes me down a whole other path of unchristian judgment upon them. Jesus could judge them in the present with love, offering them perspective and an opportunity for repentance, whereas I just find it easier to judge and condemn.

I take rest in realizing that as I get older, my judgment is cast with more love, perspective, a cooler head and a more forgiving heart....leaving room for repentance and reconciliation for all of us know-it-alls.
Is this open to any religion?

Sure, this is a "Chapel".... language is love and mutual respect....

the best,

Wichita Sam

(It's probably way more that you want/need to know, but although I happen to be a pastor right now, I am trained as a professional chaplain.)

Dead Fly Ron said:
Is this open to any religion?
Ok. I am a Celtic Christian and I was looking for the same views and some guidance in life. How long have you been a pastor?
22 years

Dead Fly Ron said:
Ok. I am a Celtic Christian and I was looking for the same views and some guidance in life. How long have you been a pastor?

Those are great ideas.... for me it's music. I often wake up with a hymn or praise song in my head and I just keep humming it throughout the day. Some people think that pastors are above temptation. Don't you believe it! All people are tempted and tested, just as Christ was. Thank God for grace and mercy....



Steve Winchell said:
I would have to say definitely in the workplace! I am a carpenter ( need I say more) . All my coworkers are into drugs ,porno,and most just plain wordly. I try to read the Bible daily and alot of times will carry a verse written on a piece of paper that will inspire me for the day! I have tried bringing a small Bible but they can get wrecked if I have it on me and it is raining. I also put some of the Bible apps on my ipod touch, and will peak at them from time to time throughout the day!
It's hard for me to remember at times to be Christ like, when people twist things said and they repeat them to others but not repeating it exactly like I or my wife said it. This happened not long ago to my wife and myself. On person my wife was talking to reapeated it to another friend and she got mad at us and now we lost her friendship and was told by her brother to leave his sister alone. But the hard part of the whole thing is that this young women called us mom and dad and called to check on us when she had time and sometimes came to town to have supper with us. And now it's gone, we have forgiven her because she never took the time to find the truth. And it was all because someone didn't repeat things as it was told to them. Take a test of how this can happen, take as many people as you can get. Tell one person anything then have each person repeat it till the last person hears it. What the first person was told and what the last person was told will be completely different. If our friend ever comes to us we will tell her that we forgive her and forget the whole thing.
God Bless
Please don't misunderstand me but I find it hardest when I'm around neagitive folks or folks that are unhappy with themselves.You know what I mean?? It seems like those kinda people can suck everything right out of you right now and in alot of instances it seems like your Christianity is the first thing to take a hit! I guess thats why the Word tells us to be ready in and out of season,and to ALWAYS love one another.Praise God.
I heard or saw this at one time"Before you talk to your neighbor about God,Talk to God about your neighbor." God's Blessings

Wichita Sam said:

OK to not knock on doors?..... sure, but sometimes it's "needful"... the trick is know when which is which... I know this, I have to work harder reaching someone "offended" by a self-righteous, condemning Christian that I do reaching someone who has had little or no contact with Christ, the church and Christians....

Each of us have gifts and "styles" that are hard wired... and for the most part, that's where we should live... ah, except for the times when we know we are called to live bigger and bolder... beyond our "comfort zones". But when that is only each person can tell...



Ted Crocker said:
Sam, I missed "Christ-like".

What you do is be proud of how you act all the time.

Is it okay if some of us are religious or theological but don't knock on doors? Some of us think there were more than 2 termites on the Ark, but still appreciate a good passage. You're cool 'cause you don't tell anyone why their God is wrong, you get that! He has a tan and a different language south of the border with a different statue. Still Him...

ANYONE who worships will receive

Faith counts, right?



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