I've been building and playing for about 3 years now. I mostly play 4 string guitars because that is what Im most familure with and there are lots of places to find uke tabs.

At this stage on 3 stingers  I've mastered the  major, minor and 7th chords and I can play all kinds of shuffles but I still feel very limited on a three string.

I've seen some amazing 3 string videos here and would love to learn some more interesting arraingements.

Is there a source for 3 string Tabs?

Are anyone of the many advanced players out there willing to share some of there top shelf licks and song arraingements in an Ebook?

I know The CB Nation is always making E albums.  How about a book to inspire floundering players like myself.

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I would be very happy to pay for a book of 3 string CBG Tabs Plus other useful playing information. An EBook would be the best format





By the way, check out Keni Lee Burgess' video lessons, the videos have tab in them, but in the videos, so ya gotta copy them onto paper yourself. Keni's a great teacher, so far the best for me, and he keeps up with ya by email and facefuk.

great idea... I was also thinking it would be cool if there were some categories for videos as well... such as "how to play" and "how to make." I have found some dulcimer song tabs, but not many songs that I actually WANTED to play-lol.


I understand your feeling about the supposed limitations of the 3-stringer. However, some of that can be overcome by different tunings. For example, I took a leaf from Keni Lee Burgess' book, and changed the tuning on my custom "Enchantress" SwampWitch (thanks, pick!), from G-D-G in which it came delivered, to A-D-F#. This opened up, as Keni promised, new worlds of possibility, with movable chord shapes familiar to me from having played the 6-string for the last 35 years. Go to my Profile page, and listen to the following original tracks: NV (Nuevas Venturas) and Graverobbers Moon. They were both composed and played on the 3-string SwampWitch. They aren't even close, stylistically, to the standard 3-5-7-9-12 fret blues rut people can fall into (not that there's anything wrong with that). I will be putting up performance vids of those in a coupla weeks, and later may break them down into their constituent parts for the interested or curious. It should be relatively easy for me to tab them out.

And yes, I am somewhat proud of them, precisely because they depart from the blues shuffle genre (not that there's anything wrong with those; I love and play some, too).

Reason I mention this is that it's easy to look at the 3-stringer and think, "what am I gonna do with only 3 strings?" I did these songs precisely to show what can be done. Musicians I respect who have heard these songs simply can't believe that I didn't use my beloved Strat for them.

I just adjusted my strings to A-D-F# tuning and it sounds great.  It has a really nice ambient quality.  I might have to write some lucky lady a love song sometime.


I can't play any real songs (yet), but I like to noodle around and discover some basic grooves. But I'm kind of lost trying to teach myself, so I agree with many of the people responding to this post.  I'd love to see a tab book for a 3-string slide guitar. 

Hey Oily,

I agree that with three strings there is a world of possibilities.

My biggest challange personally is that I don't have the imagination and skill to produce my own high quality arraingments.

I'm pretty good picker but kind of a "monkey see monkey do" type of player.

I also belive that it's important to studdy the masters.  I'll definately be checking out your videos and look forward to the tabs


I ain't no master. I just think up stuff and try to figure out how to play it. Lots of times, it 's derivative. Lots of other times, its the git teaching me what's possible. Sounds to me like you are very much a visual learner. Hopefully, the vids will give you an inkling of how I do it, but be aware that there are lots of other approaches. I can definitely recommend Keni Lee's CDs, and also, have a look at the other vids on the site; Shane Speal has some vids with great stuff he does on 3-stringers. I stole two little nuggets of wisdom from one of his latest vids, that feature prominently in both songs I mentioned above.

WE have had a couple of replies from obviously very experienced players and I hope that one day I will be at that level. I believe that what we beginners want is tabs for very simple songs or directions on how we tab ordinary sheet music. I am looking for the tabs for the likes of, 'Goodnight Irene, Amazing grace, Moon River ETC'. If not the tabs but how I do It. Thanks

Thanks, I have seen what you have described and found it very useful but I would like a book of tabs for songs payable on 3 string CBG. I don't read or understand regular music. There has just been a tab book published for the dulcimer. I require very simple learning songs. If these aren’t forth coming can someone tell me how to tab from sheet music and I will just have to learn to do them myself.


To understand how to tab from sheet music, you need to understand the following basc components of Western music: individual notes and note time values, scales made up of individual notes, the intervals between notes, and sharps and flats and their relationships to the intervals between notes. These are all readily available from Wikipedia, and you can teach yourself what they mean pretty quickly. Then you have to relate the notes to the strings on your git. If your strings are tuned G-D-G, and you are armed with the above basic musical knowledge, then you can map out your fretboard in that tuning. Once you've done that, then all you need to know to tab a song is what notes are in the song, and how they are found on the fretboard. In tab, each note is represented by the fret number at which the note is played, with that number being located on the string at that particular fret. Again, Wikipedia shows this explanation very readily.

A good idea! Anyone want to contribute to the book? I'm tabbing out a couple of songs now, and will put them up when I'm done.

Instead of just another download album, why not also do a downloadable tab booklet, even just simple shit.

We've got to contribute, though!

I think we need a book. I would be happy to look after the production of a small simple physical book and post it to members who require it, mainly beginners. It would be posted from Australia and written in Australian which I am sure you could translate!


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