Hey thought i'd get some input from the pros and rookies on what YOU hate and like......

likes....The sound thru the pickup when you get it soldered, stringing, intonating,playin it for the first time.getting the box cut and the neck fitting in,The smell of wood,they all smell unique,coming up with a cool idea that actually works.Finding a piece at the thrift store that I can use in a build.

and for me sayng.....yup ,I built that.....lol

Dislikes.....Roookie perspective.....Destoying a nice box......I use average ones right now till I get better,Cutting the neck too short and not getting the distance btween the nut and bridge....gakking a box with the saw,soldering tiny litlle damn wires,forgetting to cut inside of neck be4 cutting box....dohhhh,Glueing a box together then having a post build wiring or plug issue,,,grrr,Fretting,,,,,arghhhh,so far still fretless, had one try without success,Losing patience because I'm frustrated

I do like building , but I lack patience and I get ahead of myself,It's a process,this CBG thang

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was gonna reply,but then saw then saw the pro,s tag,no place 4 me

ok fair nuff i'll retag

ok vinnie i,ll lead,likes.when it feels nice in your hands,and when it sounds just like you hoped,<or close>,dislikes.

when you make a cut and think w.t.f was i thinking,then trying to figure out how to cover up,when something you,ve put days into sounds like crap,when your f-----g fretts fall out,but all worth it cos it,s your baby

Gotta agree with you on your dislikes Vinnie. 2nd. Build was much better than my first, I learned quite a lot

Likes: Problem solving releases endorphins

Dislikes: when an idea doesn't work out - but that leads to problem solving, soooooo

Dislike: Cutting the scarf joint and gluing it up wrong, recutting and doing it wrong AGAIN! (Don't ask me how I know)

Likes: Having a musical instrument that you built, that actually plays. 

best  like  .. hearing someone else  play  and enjoy  your  creation  .


worst  dislike  .. crazy  shipping     prices  overseas  etc  ..  .



I like elegant simplicity, I dislike (for me personally, no judgement of others) trying to make CBG's something other than home-made rustic instruments.


I can make the guitar to fit me - the string width just so and the string height nice and low.

I can go basic with just a piezo disc, or decide the big empty box is just begging to be filled with as much electronics as I can pack into it. On board amp, blend pots, coil taps galore and more recently the world of diodes letting me mix all these sounds together. Thanks to this site and the www I can put together wiring set ups that used to only go into guitars costing $$$$

When I am too ill to build I can pass the time drawing up new designs and when I am able to I can pick the design I like best and build it.

Each guitar is different and I learn something from every build.

Everyone has an equally valid view point and I am able to respect them all.  This site has one of the most positive vibes I have come across on the www and it is still great to see the joy people get when they realise they can and have built their own musical instrument.

It fits well with my ebay addiction, love of thrift shops and my GAS (gear acquisition syndrome).

Having a flat bottom the guitars don't fall over and stack better than my regular guitars.



Living in the north of the United Kingdom - No decent sized cigar boxes and it rains all the time.

ill health limiting the number I can make.

I hate dragging a saw across my thumb or index finger.  I hate burning myself with the soldering iron and when smoke gets in your eyes.

I like making something that can be used creatively by other people.  I like working with wood, even when it splits, and I like shiny varnish and humbuckers.  I don't hate any part of it - if I did, I'd put it down and do something else.

I'm frustrated by my mistakes......a slightly off-line fret or a misplaced dot, but I get satisfaction from making mistakes into 'features'.  I wish I could get a crisper finish and sharper edges but I like using hand tools which, in my hands, result in a rustic feel.

I love everything about building musical instruments, it rocks.
And by and large I love being part of this Internet community, most people are very helpful, love to share wisdoms and resources..
But there are some things about this culture here that I don't like at all..

..There is a subset of this community who talk about it far more than they actually build. They're the experts. First to speak up in the please help me forums. Yet they don't build sod all. Their wisdom is second hand. Lame.

..There is an elitist component where some guys think the number of axes they've string up lends them credibility, like there's a scoreboard somewhere. They'll proudly tell you 'I've built X number now..' In other words, 'listen to me, I am more of an authority than you..' There are guys who've built hundreds yet who's work is (IMHO) incredibly underwhelming. Then there's guys who's firsts can knock you out. A guitar like any artwork has gotta stand on its own, I don't give a fuck if its #1 or #500 just show me the pic

..some guys seems to think the cigar box is the beginning and end of it. Get over it people, it's a recycled package that was probably bound for the trash. Sure, it's nicer than plastic. Don't be a box fetishist, it's half an inch from incredibly gay

..similarly, some guys seem to think homemade instruments that do not feature a cigar box is somehow inferior. Sure the site is 'cigar box nation' but really what is it about, the music or the box?


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