Just wondering if any one else ever expirenced this. I have been buying some parts at a locale music store, just when I needed something right away. I have been  talking to the repair man and he seemed genuinely interested in what I was doing. Well I took two of my CBG'si n today and really and really got the cold shoulder. You know, like , yea that is really nice but it is not a real instrument. I don't know, made me wish I would have never taken it in there. Just wondering if anyone else out there ever had this happen. Does not deter me any though and all my buyers have been very pleased.

Old Man Vinegar :-)


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They just don't get it... their loss not yours...yeh kinda had a similar experience...


hasn't happened  to  me  , but ,   i think  .  a  jelousy  ,   instant  gaurd and self  preservation ,  defence    kicks    in  when  someone   in   the  "business   " sees    them  .

just as a  sexy woman  walking into  the  bar  ..  every otther  woman in there says... 

"yeah  but ...  they're  not   real  "    ;-) .




:-)) Good analogy. Made me laugh. Your probably right on the jelousy end too. Not that what I am making is of the smae caliberas their instruments,  but that I have sold 6 in the last month.

Old Man Vinegar

indeed ,, you walk in with something cheaper , easier , and more fun , with a cool factor ,, they can't help but feel "threatened " .
not to mention their auto self protecting urge kicking in that pit their years of guitar tech school against some guy that built one in an hour with no training . ;-) i'm sure it's almost embarassing for them .

next time , tell them you got a bigger dick too .. that should put them in their place ;-)

I took one of my builds into a local music store and the counter man nearly jumped over the counter to play it! The other salesman was waiting in line for his turn, then they went and got the guitar techie from the back room. "Come here, man, you gotta see this!" He came out and played it, and offered a few pointers on the best set-up and so forth. All three were interested in my CBG's, and thought the owner might carry them, so I sent him an email with some pictures of my work and a link to Cigar Box Nation and never heard back from him!

But I have had better luck in cigar stores, and found a local smoke shop that is willing to hang my boxes up for sale! These are different kinds of guitars, and it seems you've got to find different kinds of places to sell 'em, and different kind of people to buy 'em. Better luck next time!

 Yes you are right about them being different.Thing was I was not even looking to sell them,he just seemed interested in them when I was buying parts. Right now I am having no trouble selling them .  That may eventually change. I did take two in a liquor store . The owner had given me the boxes that I used.I just wanted him to see what I was doing with them. He ordered one for his daughter and wanted me to leave one in the store to hang up and generate some sells for me. I guess one enviroment felt threatened and the other didn't.

Old Man Vinegar :-))

That's interesting. When I took mine into Guitar Center, the greeter and sales guys all wanted to see it, but they seemed reluctant to play it. If I'd had more time ( and had written the tune then) I'd have played NV on the SwampWitch through the oldest, largest, reverb-soaked Fender they had. Just to freak em out. Hmmm...


BTW, pick...I sent an mp3 of NV to a Kiwi buddy of mine who has a great ear for music and is a part-time DJ. His first comment was, "That was your Strat, right?" He couldn't believe it was done with a 3-string SwampWitch and an AmpliTube Fender Blackface with trem amp model.

Speaking of which, do you think it would be helpful for sales if I recorded a vid of same, for you to use on your site? Kinda like a testimonial? Lemme know. Oops, sorry to hijack the thread...

Yeah, commercial git outlets don't get it.

cool    oily  :-D   indeed  a vid would be cool     also  :-D    thanx for the  plug  ;-)


I'd say the vast majority of guitar players have a horrible gear fetish...someday they're all gonna find that magic piece of equipment that turns them into Hendrix (or Dime). So they give you that condescending, mocking crud; "Oh, ha-ha. Nice toy. Cute. Why don't you get a real guitar like mine?"

But there's another factor involved...a deep, subtle fear...what if this guy can play circles around me on that piece of three-string, fretless junk? What does that mean vis-a-vis the $4,000 Les Paul I've been making minimum payments on for six years (with about 38 years to go)?

You know, Pinecone Fletcher only came in third in that whole national Guitar Center blues contest a while back...they couldn't let him win, you know...he wasn't playing something they sell! Can't convert that into sales! What if other people catch on?

i messed around with "real" guitars for 10 years and never got anywhere, i was always pulling them apart as they never sounded right anyway, and they were so big and clumsy, too many strings got in the way of the music, i could never "connect" musically - i was never even inspired enough to write a song on them, they sounded like everything else - a Gibson sounds like a Gibson, Strat sounds like a Strat, just like all the others.

I never played at an open mic in all that time, too many £2000 custom shop Strats in alligator skin cases they couldn't play, another Jimi or EC wannabe, a box of fx pedals.....i don't go into music shops anymore either, no more snotty shop assistants, no more spotty youths trying to play "Smoke"...  



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