Hey everybody!

 Trying to save some money and I am in need of some advise, leads, tips or what-have-you on AA, 9V, D and other rechargeable batteries and where to buy them. Applications vary from guitar amps and pedals that I will be building. Perhaps 3 18650s for 11.1 volts? 12v dry or gell cells... to flashlights and other small electronics. I need to do it as safely as possible, keeping in mind that some of these things like to mimic fireworks. Any help or thoughts would be most appreciated.

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If you are going through a lot of non-rechargeable batteries, then the investment in rechargeables (and the necessary charger) might make sense. The initial investment isn't that cheap. Eight mid-line rechargeables will cost around $20. A basic charger with four batteries will cost another $15 or so. So you're going in with around $35 for min-level batteries.
My experience is that rechargeables work well for a year to 18 months, but make no mistake, they do wear down with repeated charging. Also, rechargeables tend to go flat sharply instead of gradually going down like regular batteries.

Alternatively, you can pick up regular AA batteries on Amazon and others at pretty low prices. The Amazon brand is about $15 for a 48 pack. That's pretty cheap.

I guess it may depend on your volume of usage.

I know that there is the disposal issue with batteries of either type, so that may be a factor in your decision making.

 Thank you very much for that Tom. My BR600 require six AAs, Micro-Cube requires six AAs, I have a half-dozen small flashlights that use a single AA, and so on. I really believe it will be cheaper in the long run. I have some 18650s that I've had for years that still work fine, but they are not Chinese-made.  (I do not buy from Amazon due to their corruption and political aspirations. Same with China.) I've been looking at Panasonic and others from Japan, Taiwan, etc. and mainly need to know where there are good prices. The prices here in Kalifornistan are outrageous.

18650’s are the only ones on the list that are volatile, but it’d take a lot to make a fire with the other batteries? If you’re not trying to be portable, then wall warts are the way to go? One purchase, no charging, no voltage drop off? I hate to rain in your parade, but Panasonic is a Japanese company, but manufacted in China? Oh, and you know Taiwan is part of China , right? My only problem with battery amps is that they normally require 4 or more batteries, which could be expensive if you’re playing everyday, even if it’s a yearly cost. Good luck on this :)

 Dag nabbit!

Good to know about the 18650 being the only ones to play railroad flare. Any others?

Bad to know about Panasonic. Grrr. I was really wanting to go the battery route on a few that I'd like to try to sell, (once I either figure out how to build them or just buy the boards), but I guess there isn't much of an option to doubling the weight of my amps by adding six AAs. I thought it might make the amps more attractive to purchase if they included rechargeables. Grrr. Again. 

 Taiwan has some autonomy from China and has long been a friendly trading partner. I can't say that about China. Yes, unfortunately, China claims "ownership" now and will soon move to remove that autonomy. 

 Thanks for the info there Brian. Not what I wanted to hear, but I need the truth. Grrr. (Just for effect) hehehe

Yes, Samsung, Panasonic & Sony batteries are made in the same factory, I never knew they were made elsewhere until I really looked at the writing on them? As long as they work good it doesn’t matter where they’re made to me, Donald Trump’s stuff isn’t made here either, but people are buying it, so go figure :)

 I'm not those people. Thank you very much for the info Brian. You've been tons of help.

To dispose of batteries, you can take them to Home Depo, Lowes, and some other places, maybe see if Walmart takes them. This is for any type batteries.

Another option is to use a rechargeable laptop usb style battery, some of the newer battery amps are using this technology. But you would have to add a usb module to it, maybe a little ambitious? 

Well Brian, I don't know if it is "ambitious" or just pure family stubbornness. IF I have more stubbornness than I have incompetence, then I might be able to get this down. Ha! We shall see.

 Thank you for your idea there, that just might be the ticket. Or something like it... 

Thank you Keith. Our local trash company picks them up for us, but I'll keep that in mind if they stop that. They might...

If you get Nickel Metal Hydride NiMh rechargeables they will go 500 charge cycles if you treat them decently.  We use them in our products, a ton better than the older Nickel Metal Cadmium NiCd.  Don't leave either on the charger a long time, top them off and stop, that is a huge life saver.  Run them all the way down at least once in a while.


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