First off, I'm still a newbie 'round here and not sure if this should be a blog post instead. This is my first time starting a 'discussion'. I figure it's easier to reply here if someone has a question or new idea. So anyway...

I'm a tinkerer. I can't help it. I built one of the PVC racks that was posted here where the guitars sit on top of a dual rail with the necks hanging down. It worked great, but after a few months I wanted to try something different. Yesterday I was looking at it and thought, hey I could convert that to a leaning rack like 1 of those travel guitar cases. So today I went at it. I'm sooooo happy with it! Thought I'd share in case it helps someone else. If you build one, you don't have to follow my dimensions exactly. Do what's right for your needs, tweak it, make it better... But to get you started, here's the design I used.

Notice the front lower rail is higher than the back lower rail (only by 1 inch), but this makes the guitars lean back against the top rail. This is key! The gap between the 2 bottom rails allows your neck through tail to hang down.

At first I did a quick assembly without the elevated sides (they look like arms on a chair). It worked great, but I decided to put the sides on to prevent a cbg domino slide onto the floor if my crazy dogs rammed into it while wrestling. 

The whole thing's made from 1/2" PVC. I inserted a 1/2" aluminum tube inside the front lower rail which bears all the weight to keep it from bowing. Works really well & keeps it light. I tried a dowel, but it didn't stop the bowing.

I ended up with a lot of extra PVC vs where I started from with my original hang down rack. Like I said, I liked that design, but I'm a tinkerer and wanted to mix it up. I have a feeling a lot of people around here are tinkerers too! :)

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Darryl! I agree there are great upgrade ideas flowing. 

Janis made me do it! Thanks for the push start. Thanks to Ron "Oily" Sprague for the link to "howtobuildaguitarrack/wordpress".

I'm looking forward to seeing the showroom copper rack with artful patina that you're gonna make. ;)

Hahah! Okay, well I look forward to seeing your old futon transformed into a rack that beautifully showcases your amazing CBGs. How's that? Really though I do look forward to seeing your hand built wood version.

Wooooo-doggy! I can picture a really cool double rack - you could do it like those Pottery Barn style leaning book shelves that look like they're just leaning there but are bracketed to the wall at the top. That would really be a great use of space!

You hit the nail on the head - even for me as a newbie builder having a decent way to store my cbgs has been problematic.

Picture this,as long as we are fantasizing here.Not just two high. It could go left and right. I am a wall hanger but wall space is going to run out at some point even staggering the placement.

Way - Yes, I really like your idea! You could probably load in 16 to 18 standard cbgs on a double high 3 foot wide rack. Like you said - a HUGE space saver!

Dude, that's a really nice rendering of the double rack you posted there, BTW!

Bama, do you mean like a free standing, double-decker rack with an X or cross foot print? That would be super cool and could hold a lot of gits!

Nice job Grandpa,Iwas trying to figure out what the 2 white things centre right were for in the bottom pic,then i realised they're probably handy for opening the lockers

Grandpa, that's phenomenal! That looks so good! It's like the perfect meld of all the great design ideas you guys have offered up. I'm lovin' it! Your cbgs look so happy nestled in the rack. :) Nicely done!

Good idea.  Good design.

What a great place the CB Nation is to inhabit. Room for personal creativity, opportunity to share other builder's visions and successes, and not having to personally reinvent the wheel when an idea strikes. Janis displays her creation, dozens of folks rekindle their idea, other dozens think "what a great idea! I could do that!". Oily puts a link to a different design. WF starts writing about a futon, or some darn thing. Scrap copper plumbing comes into play  Cool things get made and enjoyed, folks in here start thinking good thoughts about people they don't know and probably will never meet. I read in here a while back that here you can take someone else's idea, use for our own purpose, and the person who showed it to you will compliment you on your execution of the idea. This is $24.00 worth of plastic and foam, and look how many people have been weighing in on the concept of a home-built guitar rack! A good place to hang out, for sure. I expect I'll be getting a call from Aloha Tommy regarding his next visit, and a guitar rack just might be on his updated list o' things to do. O.K., guess I had enough coffee this morning. Out to the cigar box pile to make some magic.


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