Hi All,

I'm looking for a way to record my CBGs with my Macbook Pro. Googling for solutions I found this thing called iRig HD2 (link). There are a lot of very good reviews of this little gadget out there - but it's rather costly... Does anybody have experience with this interface? Is it worth buying? And does it also work well with piezos (all the youtube reviews use guitars with mag pickups, but I want something I can use with both mag pickups and piezos...)


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I have one but dont use it much. I can't see why it will not work, as an electric single is an electric signal no matter what the pickup. And you would have any amount of digital pedals to put it through on your computer.


Thanks, Taffy, that's what I thought that an electric signal is an electric signal. But in my first attempt to connect guitars to my computer with a very cheap external soundcard it only worked with mag pickups for some strange reason. It sounded horrible,  but they were loud while all the piezo instruments didn't produce any sound whatsoever. And since I have absolutely no clue about electronics, I thought I'd better make sure before I buy this...

Tried to reply a few hours ago, but internet has been terrible today, I suspect your problems are an impedance mis match between the piezo and the software, some amplifiers also will not recognise a piezo without a pre amp, I  am in no way an electronics guru, but I have had piezo gits play nicely on some amps, and nothing on others, add a pre amp, and all is good

dont bother with the cheap clones of the iRig. i bought one and it didnt work. contacted the seller and he sent me another it didnt work either..  there are other interfaces around from behringer and others they work and are less expensive . 

i have used a "real tone"cable . its a 1/4"jack to USB cable. used it on a windows PC with guitar rig 5. wonder if it would be picked up on a mac?  you can get the realtone cables from ebay cheap enough. originally they were sold with the Rocksmith game. a bit like guitar here but with your own real guitar. 

yes it does work on a mac. here is a link to a youtube video that shows how to set it up


ebay.com has a lot various prices...example


Thanks so much, guys!

Hi Hans, I just played my piezo CBG through my irig and into my iPad using headphones, and it worked fine. I also used an app called Jamup pro.

cheers Taff

Same here as Taffy Evans. Amazon has a variety of iRig interfaces. I have had great success with even the cheapest one at around $20. I use it on iPad to GarageBand or directly to iMovie. Pretty sure they’ll have some choices for Mac. Your MacBook Pro supplies the juice to run the guitar, I don’t see any problems with piezos.

Thanks, guys! I found out that a friend of mine has an iRig and I borrowed it from him... this thing works great. And the best thing is that it also has an output jack so that you can send your guitar signal through the virtual effects on the computer to the amp. I'm really having fun playing around with this little thing!

Try an Apogee Jam interface...I use it with my iPad and iPod Touch running into JamUp pro and other audio manglers such as Nils. Runs straight to lightning port.

Anyway I find the iRig to be a tone sucker and get problems with feedback!


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