I just wanted to give a big thanks and a shout out to Richard Dean...forum member.

In a nutshell, previously, I bought my first resonator CBG from a builder in Alabama, but it arrived with alot of problems (unlike my first CBG that I bought from the same guy which was wonderful). This was this builder's 2nd reso and this might have had alot to do with all the various issues - the biggest being the neck, which turned out to be a bad one. Anyway, I was truly bumming when I discovered all the imperfections, so I came out here on the forum looking for help. I got lots of advice, but honestly, a repair technician I am not (I'm horrible with tools, LOL). I tried contacting a couple forum members for help, but their schedules were tied up somewhat, and I was going crazy wanting to get this new git rockin'...

Anyway, Richard stepped into the thread, threw even more advice my way, and after telling him I don't work on guitars, Richard stepped up to bat and said, "Send me your CBG, I'll fix it." I don't normally send a $300 piece of merchandise to a total and complete stranger, but I thought, "I can't play this thing, so what have I got to lose". I packed it up, shipped it off and as soon as it arrived at Richard's doorstep, he dug into it, dissecting it, measuring it, tearing bad parts off, replacing parts, reset the neck...and just gobs and gobs of more fixes. I just wanted my string buzzing to go away and I wanted the notes on the fretboard to sound in tune. Richard went above and beyond what I asked him to do. There are so many things he did here, I don't think I can list them all.

Anyway, a big thank you to Richard, and just letting the other folks around know...

if you've got a bum CBG and it needs fixing...send it to Richard.

You can trust him. He did me right, and he doesn't know me from Adam. So thank you, Richard. And I'd like to invite you (Richard) into this thread and give a breakdown of what you did and maybe explain the job of mine you took on...fire away:

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Bravo Richard!

Yup, friendly and wise folks here, best place on the internet to hang out.  : )

He reset my neck to a 3° back angle. He also made me a new biscuit and saddle, and raised the strings. Previously, the strings were nearly on the body face, which would have made using fingerpicks (which I'm giving a shot) next to impossible.

The neck was also between 1/8 - 1/4" too short. Richard pulled the neck out further.

Not only that, but he set it up so the neck is mounted from the back, like a Strat...much stronger now.

He replaced my knob pots, put a new pickup in...etc...etc....etc....all awesome fixes. Really did a bang up quality job, that's for sure. My git plays more stable now. I know the neck is still bad, but Richard did everything on it to make it more playable...giving me the option to replace it when I'm ready. I'm gonna play it as it is for awhile. The upside is it performs much better now. It's more in tune. Nice smooth sound, no buzzing at all now (relief). Just real good quality repairs, with an eye for detail...no mess...nice and clean.

thats a great post and super recovery!...he did an awesome job...I bet it records really well now!

Hi, I'm just wondering, what was the buzzing coming from in the end?

cheers Taff

Urgh! I'm not completely sure. Richard could tell you more about that than I, but I do believe the main buzz culprit was the domino saddle my builder had put on. The strings were laying across 1/4" of it, which is way too much surface for strings to lay across a bridge. I believe the other culprit was the fact my builder held the biscuit in place with a number of screws drilled into the resonator cone itself. Richard got rid of the screws, smoothed all the cone holes down, and floated a new biscuit and saddle.

Awesome and making the world a better place one CBG at a time :) looks good!

It's great that you managed to get it sorted out, but a real shame it was sent out to you in that state. I've also had to sort out quite a few nightmare builds from other makers. I think it's a basic part of customer service to deal with defects or problems  - it's pain do have to do this but essential in order to keep any sort of reputation. The best way of doing it is to try one's best to make sure every instrument goes out properly put together and playable. It's a salutary lesson to makers to do their best every time, and for customers to take care when buying!

What CBJ says, plus, if I built this and was in this situation I would want that CBG back pronto, no matter how small the customers concerns, or how big the fix.

Any builder worth their salt would want to know How Why When.


My builder is one of the nicest guys I've ever dealt with online. Super, super nice. Total Southern gentleman. He's built over 66 CBG's. Justin Johnson recommended him to me. When I approached him to build this reso, he was hesitant...kinda avoided it. I wasn't sure what was going on and kept pressing him. In hindsight, I found out this was only his 2nd reso build out of his 66 builds. Part of this is my fault, as a red flag should have gone up when he was so evasive about building this. He had also taken a long break before this build, as he was having issues with a herniated disc and some other things. After all that went down with this, he recently told me I should have sent it back to him and he would have given me a full refund. He's a good guy. Things just didn't pan out this time. I hold no hard feelings toward him. Richard helped me out alot. He was truly a godsend on this git for me, as it was not fun to play at all. Richard does great renovation/repair work. Real quality craftsmanship.


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