This will be for a 4-string 25" scale electric CBG. Open G tuning. Learning to play 3 strings first before implementing the 4th. Seems light strings are most common for this application though some people seem to use medium strings. I have been considering D'addario exl110 or Ernie Ball 2221. Any preference people have? people prefer light over medium?

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Nothing wrong with going for a heavier set, just make sure that your guitar can take the tension.

my 4 Stringer has a set of Ernie Balls on there from a set of 2221's with standard open G tuning, nice rich tone with just a hint of twang.

There are a few variants on "open G" for 4 strings, so you need to decide which one you are going for before settling on the string gauges. GDGB adds the 3rd in the chord to the first string. DGBD is more akin to a conventional 6 string open G, with the 3rd in the chord on the second string. Both these tunings will require different string gauges. I've found that using a pack of regular strings and discarding some of them is a less than optimum way of doing it, and the manufacturers' definition of "light" or "medium" is too vague to have a proper idea of the final string tensions. When we have other people's cigar box guitars in the workshop we often find the strings are really unsuitable in terms of playability as the gauges are commonly totally out of whack, often far too light and unbalanced in tension.  It's much better to make a note of the measured gauges...for example for the GDGB tuning we use 042w, 028w, 020p, 015p, and for DGBD we use 030w, 022w, 016p, 014p.

Hey, thanks. So I think because initially I want to learn just with 3-strings before venturing to including the fourth string I'll initially be looking at the GDGB tuning. I assume that will let me follow along the bulk of the lessons and videos out there on CBG playing. So that would be 042w, 028w, 020p, 015p. So the the last two gauges are not wound I assume because they are too thin. So I'm looking at buying individual strings then, I'm ordering through the mail so I suppose there are enough places to find them. Thanks again. 

In the interest of fairness, you can stick to Ernie Ball when buying individual strings. I've bought from several sellers who sell a wide range of individual Ernie Ball strings, putting together your ideal set shouldn't be an issue.

Not partial to any brand. Just those two are quite common. 

D’addario keep their tone longer than Ernie ball, go with nickel wound if you’re looking for a warmer tone


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