Hey all,

I got my first "resonator" CBG today. My builder used the higher strings from a 6-string set so that I would get more of a banjo sound, and that is why this new git is tuned to DGB. I've only been playing CBG for less than a year, and my first CBG is tuned to GDG. I am totally use to that tuning, so this new DGB tuning is throwing me off. LOL, I can't play any of my GDG songs on this new git.

Months back I downloaded the GDG chord sheets from CB Gitty, but now I am wondering how to play chords with this new DGB tuning. Does anyone know where I can find them? Any help would be appreciated.

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your right turtle, That is the 7th chord, got confused for a second, since the F#9 is really 5 chords, but the 5th is sometimes dropped, it's usually played with the root, the 3rd, the minor 7th and major 9th, I dropped the 9th by accident, but I don't really see any way to play this chord and sound anything close.

The closest thing to an F#9 would be using the F#,E,G#, that would drop the perfect 3rd and 5th, but it's not an easy chord to do on this tuning, unless you fingers can stretch 5 or more frets and simulate twister lol.

SS, I'd eliminate the F#9

(deleted my F#9 original post)


Does anyone here have the ability to open my PDF in Photoshop or any other image program? The reason I ask is you could mark it up and I could go in and edit the original. I'm working right now, and can't do the edits right this minute, but will gladly do them. I'm losing track of all the new posts in this thread....argh!

UPDATED SHEET 4/9/18 - 12:00PM

New sheet attached. Timothy I just made those last edits you posted. Everyone needs to test this thing out. Let me know if there are any other "optional fingerings". Also, let me know if maybe some of the chords are questionable and sound odd...I'll put a green box over them...remember, these all came over from banjo chords, so there is some listenability there, but "off" because of missing notes.

If you think of anything else that needs editing or should be added let know. I did not "number" the fingerings, as you can see:


i would call into question all of your 9th chords.  according to the googles..lol  a 9th chord is a 5 note chord. 1 3 5 flat 7 and 9.  for exampke your F9 is actually a F major chord FAC. just noticed it is even the same as your F chord.

to be honest i really doubt that you would require a 9th chord for what we play on the CBG.

you could drop the 3rd and 5th notes and try 1 flat7 9.  for F9 that would be F E flat G or third fret D string ,open G string and 4th fret B string. To make that F#9 then slide the fingers of the D and B strings up a fret and add first fret on the G string. this is a moveable shape slide all three up another fret to get a G9 etc. assuming that this pattern actually sounds ok. im trying to play this on the DGB strings of my Yamaha nylon stying classical guitar and i think its out of tune...lol

LOL, it's funny that you said that about the 9th chords. I was going through them lastnight on my git and really love the sound of some of them, especially G9. It's funny, when I write my own ditties, at first I never look at chord sheets, I just make stuff up. I'll use the chord sheets as reference when I am stuck on a transition and need to find a chord that works with what I've done. I don't do a whole lot of strumming, as I mainly fingerpick, but there are alot of held positions fingerpicking that sound great and aren't even chords...go figure. So based on this, I don't want to rule anything out, as sometimes the weirdest sounding fingering can seem appropriate when making up your own stuff. I don't play any covers at all, so it's hard for me to judge the sound of these chords.

Hey guys,

I'm back to playing my DBG tuned reso CBG again. I pulled my sheet out for reference, and I noticed a bunch of duplicates again. Can someone look at my last pdf upload (above) and let me know what the correx might be...if any.

These are the dupes that I spotted:

G#m & C#9...E7 & E9...F & F9...Am7 & Eaug...Daug & F#aug...C#aug & Faug...D#dim & F#dim...C#dim & Edim...Ddim & Fdim...I believe there are more.


this might help.just under the DGB tuning it has a chord section. change that by the drop down menu to say c# then click in the tuning ares and then press enter. it will generate c#/D flat chords...

Yeah, I saw that. I guess what I'm wondering is are there chords on my sheet that should be removed? In other words, are there chords listed on that sheet that truly do not replicate the notes they are labeled? I understand that certain chords cannot be replicated on 3 strings, but if they can't, then I need to remove them from my sheet.

I'd keep them all.

If a song calls for a C#m7 I can't play the actual chord due to not enough strings but I can play the three note chord suggested by the chord generator and it sounds close enough and better than my old method of just playing a I-V-I triad for chords I don't know.

I'd keep the duplicates too. Better to know that a G#m and C#9 are the same shape than to have to go look it up online.


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