So as some of you know I am currently building my first CBG. What actually motivated me to ACTUALLY finally do it? I am making my first one for my father for christmas- he's going to FREAK out- IF I succeed of course LOL 

Anyways- he no longer has an amp around, so I thought I would get/make him one to go with the CBG since it has a pick up. This will just be for personal use- he won't be on stage or anything like that... so not too worried about it being super loud or fancy.

Now, of COURSE I want to MAKE the amp... (great excuse to start another project ASAP ;) lol) -but most the amp kits I see are only battery powered. I would LIKE for him to be able to plug it in, as I know he'll use it a lot and I don't want him to have to constantly be buying batteries. 

My first grand idea was to buy an amp, tear it open, gut it, and stick it all in a cigar box pretty much... or into SOMETHING unique/cool (lunch box, gas can, ammo box, suitcase, so on and so forth) has anyone done something like this successfully? 

I have a couple friends who have suggested that I just buy him a little mini fender amp or a pig nose or something... but I don't know. I kind of really want to make one if at all possible!

Thoughts anyone? :)

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If you want to build one from scratch, there are lots of plans online to make something like what you describe (personal use, not on stage). I'm gathering parts to build one currently...working off the design in the book "Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred."  And several here have moved the guts of an amp into another enclosure.

As far as just buying a small amp, I played several selections at a Guitar Center recently, and the Blackstar Fly 3 (about $45) sounded the best to my ears. You can get a wall adapter for it.

The owner of this site, CB Gitty, has all the parts you need to make one. You just need to drill the holes and plug the wires in.

I missed the fact that the Gitty kit I linked to does not have an AC adapter for it, so that would make it battery only.

For power supply you just have to get a 9v adaptor and hard wire it in there or wire in an adaptor jack. Then you won't need batteries. I always like to wire in a battery clip though. That way if you want to take it camping or something you still have the option of using the battery. Building them from scrarch is so much more rewarding. All you need is some patience, creativity, rudimentary soldering skills and the ability to follow instructions. Like Lane said, the plans are all over the Internet.

Have a look at something like Tone Monster on eBay, for example - they do amp kits with mains adaptor options (other kits are available).  If you don't build one, something like the Roland Micro Cube is relatively inexpensive, versatile and seems to be popular.

Also, check out the photos of the stuff that Wes Carl has done here on CBN - he has made lots of superb examples.  Good luck with your CBG and amp builds - your father will be delighted !

Parts Express, on the interwebs, sells a Footnote amp kit, $30.00. 5 watt, includes a 9 volt adapter to plug it into the wall. Includes everything but the box...speaker, grill, and the amp electronics are all mounted on a metal face plate. I had to cut two holes - one for the speaker, one for the faceplate. Several folks here at CBN have made these, all seem satisfied. I certainly am, and I'm starting my second one this weekend. However you go, have fun. You won't make just one!

got a link ? sounds like an interesting kit if shipping isnt too much...

I currently have 3 amp projects on the go. been meaning to take a photo or 2 and post them.

first is a little 3W board i got off ebay for less than $1 AUD.... runs off 5v so i bought a ALDI battery bank to power it. I bought some old computer speakers off a guy on ebay as well so i have the speakers for this build looking for a box now.

that leads me to the second amp idea.. one of the speaker sets has 3 speakers L,R and a Bass speaker..... idea was to put the left and right speaker inthe box with the bass as well as the small amp that drives it... 

there a many ways to make an amp and lots of kits around of various complexity... a repackage of a cheap pawnbroker amp would be an easy start...

Took a look, and the site is back up. Seems the Express is having a "buyout sale" with limited quantity available.

The Footnote module without the adapter or speaker is now $15 ( or $13 each for 10 or more).

I did notice something about the amp in its is a "clean" amp, presumable without any distortion/gain.

But for $15, seems like a good deal.

I second the Tone monster kits. I have an MAH5 kit of theirs that I use as an amp head. I have powered a ten inch Fender speaker cone, and even an Electrostatic panel speaker successfully (that's no mean feat in the last case). You can buy a wall socket adapter from eBay like me, or your US Walmart sells em cheap.
All the best from Bill. :D

lots of great ideas, one less great: pawn shops have lots of cheap practice amps you could gut.

I'm going to weigh in again. I, too, have built Guitar Fuel Tone Monster amps. So far I've put together two MAH-5 amps and two MAH-3 amps. The build time has been the same for each one. The difference between the kits is output (3 vs. 5 watts) and the price. I like them all, especially the twin speaker rig I built into an old suitcase.....but the basic difference between them is the finished appearance. They all sound good. These two "kits" also have inputs for headphones, 9 volt adapter jacks, and some have MP3 jacks. Be apprised, the input jacks are very small and required me to use a fair bit of time to make cover plates that were thin enough to install the jacks, then mount on the box. Cigar boxes are too thick to just drill a hole and poke them through. Not a knock on the product, just a reality that some time and garage engineering is required to build. I enjoyed the challenge and the accomplishment. Alternatively, the small jacks can be left inside the box, available for use but not installed through the box. By comparison, the Footnote required less time and ingenuity to build, but also require a larger box or cabinet. The Footnote component plate, while quite convenient and good looking, is also @ 12" long X 3" wide. I like them both, and will use all of them again. You always end up with something different......and wonderful.

And lastly, not to leave Ben out, the first amp I built was a Gitty kit. Less $ than either Guitar Fuel kit, an easier build, fewer features. When done, plug in yer git, turn it on, magic happens. Your choice, your magic.


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