Does anyone know where to find cb's video on how to use a capacitor on a speaker? 

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Are you building a Cab? Passive crossover? Unless it's has a polarity on the capacitor it's basically wired in line with the neg or pos on a speaker. I usually use the pos.

Sorry, don't know about the video.

But a high or low passive crossover to tweak your speaker sounds is pretty easy, just remember, capacitors are used on mid range to tweeters to knock down the lows and an inductor is used on base speakers to knock down the highs. Usually the component used is determined by the impedance and the frequency your trying to get. Capacitors are cheap enough, to experiment with different ones. Try to stay away from polarized capacitors.

If your talking about something entirely different, sorry, not much to go on in your title.

You might actually email them directly, they do get back to you in  a decent amount of time.

Cb did a video about putting a capacitor on a speaker to make it sound better. I'm not sure what value capacitor to use. 

That's where it starts to get complicated unfortunately, need more info about the speaker, the amp, all specs available, what frequency your trying to achieve, and if your just trying to clean up the sound on a few cheap speakers, your time might be better spent just getting new speakers, but your best short answers might come from a forum specifically pertaining to amps and speakers, it's been a few years since I've modded a few cabs for some friends, and most of what I remembered using I kinda forgot over the years.

I'd still email the gang over at CBGitty if they had a video, they'll be helpful I'm sure at directing you to one of their video's, not sure how much time they have perusing all the forum post.

Good luck, and if you find it, post it here as well.

Here's the video about caps on a piezo pickup, is that what you meant?

Wow, that's an old video, if that's what he was looking for, that's typical wiring of most tone pots and definitely helps with some issues associated with piezo or mag pickups, but not exactly what I was talking about, similar reasoning, might even be what he was looking for, what threw me off was " on a speaker" in his title.

Depends on what you want to do.

In series a cap filters out the low end, and a smaller cap filters more than a big cap.

in parallel a cap filters out the high end and a bigger cap filters out more than a smaller cap.

caps in parallel make for a bigger cap, in series make for a smaller cap.

grab some alligator clips and spare wire, make up some jumpers and experiment.

sound advice....

unless you use a huge capacitor all should be good. you are basically making a first order low pass filter by bridging the speaker with a cap or a high pass filter putting it inline with the positive speaker lead. dont use electolytics or any cap that is polarised. disk ceramic or poly caps will be fine. it will take some doing as some caps will affect frequencies you cant hear, so wont seem to make a difference..

i forgot to mention to make sure the cap can handle the voltage of the amp.... 100v should be safe for just about any amp but the highest outputs...


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