G'day all,

                I'm in the process of building a biscuit tin guitar and was planning on fitting a duel piezo pick up. I have built 2 of these guitars previously, one with a magnetic pick up and one with a single piezo.

I struggled to get a sound that i was happy with using the piezo pick up. I moved it all around the place but it was never quite right to my ears. Possible the tin l was using was the issue.

The Biscuit tin with the mag pickup just sounded like an everyday electric guitar. Not really the sound I was after.

Was planning to use a duel piezo pick up for this build! Feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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I've never had any joy with metal resonators and piezos either, and I've tried just about everything. If you follow this thread from 2010 through there's some info about how I've been doing tin gitts for a long time now, I think you'd like it. http://www.cigarboxnation.com/forum/topics/tin-guitar

Mn you'll just as likely get some guys telling you that they work great and you're just doing it wrong. That is possible. It is also very possible that you wouldn't like the sound of their builds either.

Awesome response Wayfinder,
I have only built 5 CBG so my experience/experimenting is limited. My last build was a licence plate guitar that had a duel piezo pickup installed. I was happy with the sound this configuration delivered. I was recommended to use the twin piezo pickup after posting on this site my disappointment with the sound my License plate guitar delivered with a single pickup.
As far as sound is concerned I like CBG that sound like CBG and not electric guitars.
Thanks again.


. i  dont see   any    tin  guitars   out of the  6  on  your  profile  page   wayfinder  ,   could    you  post  some  pictures  of  the tin  ones  you  have  built  ?

oh ,  my apologies  ,  it  sounded  like you  made  more than one . 

or had actually  tried  all  the  methods on them   you  advise / describe  above    . 

dude .  ..  i was simply  going by  posts here ,    like    kid  ,   who  has   made  100's  of  tin guits   we  can look at ,   even  the     question asker has  made  a couple already  , and described    them.

i was simply asking  to see   your  examples   of comparisons that you  described  ,   under the    impression   you  had a few  . 

not judgmental at all .

now   if i  caught  you  just   ego  masterbating   and playing  guru again ,  and this  is why  you  cant  provide    the requested  pics  .   then  that's on   you  . not  me .

 and  tis YOU  that   should   only answer questions using your OWN knowledge and  ACTUAL experience.  this   would avoid  situations like this  .

as  for the  "same  guitar    over  and  over " attempted  insult  . lol  .   you  obviously  dont know  me too well  . nor  have seen   my  early  posts .

ive  seen   your   lil  pissing matches on  here lately  before you  erase all  the  evidence , then milk  the   crowd with  new  posts afterwards  fishing  for   support  . 

 geesh  buddy, 

grow up  man  .   sometimes a  question  is  just a question.

lol..   whatever  wayfinder   ,   it    will  be  whatever  you   want it  to  be in your  mind    ,

or  what your  guilty conscience dictates. 

 i suppose  after  so  many   accusations   of   false  guru  role    playing   from so many   others  here  , you think  anything that   doesn't show  you  in a gleaming light is an  "attack  " .

but   again .,  the only    "insults" and childishness  , attack  ,  derailment  , and accusations ,     i  see here ,   is   coming from you  .   and  yet   more crowd support  fishing   as  i already  mentioned . and  its  you   that is telling  others  how to  post  . 

i  simply asked  you a question. 

maybe  take  all  those  accusations  from others  as advice  ..   this  will avoid  it   happening repeatedly  to  you  as it  does . (and that   should tell  you something  ) 

most of all  the  "grow  up  " advice  .

  but  you are  right  .,  folks  here aint stupid .

you can't  fool  them   all.   many of us  wish you'd quit  trying .

and .. yes . i actually  wanted to see  some of your tin  guitars  .  and different  examples  ..    i  even looked  to  see if you  had  video  to   hear  the  differences  . 

as i said  .. sometimes a  question  is  just a   question  . 

Now  for your  false accusation  . “Regularly  judgemental    of   others  posts  “?


  Here  is  my    comment  page  for all  to  see . ….   show   me where  . ?!


All I  see  is  years  of  congrats  , “ yeps “ ,    “nice”  ,  “cool” encouragement  .    tips  , advice   , and  thanx for the  same  . 

even  my  post to  you   (that you  erased  ) was    advice  , not an attack  .

 This   shows your  own words   validate      others  accusations  towards  you  .   which  is    quite frankly  ,    - you are    full  of it  .

Not to  mention  this  post   and thread  proves  YOU  insulted  ,  attacked  ,  accused  , and even  told others (me)  how they  can and cant  post  ..   lol,  everything you accuse  me and  others  of doing .

The evidence  is   right  here   .    and  too  bad   for you  .  you  can’t  erase  it  this time  .

 Now  Grow up  , and  be real  ,   and you  may avoid  causing this  nonsense  repeatedly    .

That’s advice  again  ,  not an insult  .

If you  have anything  else to  say on the matter  .   or wish to  insult me  further . message  me  . and I  can ignore you  there  .

And we  will  give  this  post  back to  the asker . 


Paul, you might be right about the tin being the issue in this case, but as always, so many things figure into the equation. Trying to get exactly the Sound we're lookin' for sometimes feels as fruitless as the search for the Holy Grail. The only thing I'm sure about with all this is: experiment, experiment some more, and YMMV.*

*"Your Mileage May Vary”
("Your Kilometer-age(?!) May Vary" might make more sense to you DownUnderians with the funny odometers.)

As for sounding good or bad, it is very subjective. I did one build that I was disappointed with. High action, didn't like the tone, etc...I put it on consignment at the local music store and two weeks later I was going to pick it up to scrap it and salvage the parts. Turns out a guy loved it and wanted to know if I could build another just like it. He uses it only for slide and liked what I called a muddy sound. All that being said, someone else will love the it sounds so it was obviously made for them.


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