Here is a slow 12 bar blues track to jam to or record with. Have fun!

"Take 2" is my attempt at a "home made" version with an improvised "drum track" and some CBG

Lets try to keep the song project discussions on topic and discuss general recording discussions  in the recording tips and tutorials thread (or start a new one if the subject warrants it)


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Hello amd welcome Wes!

You must have been reading my mind! Or my mail. I was thinking about this all day. And I agree with you, that would, or will make this more useful.

First the tuning. The MP3's I have posted so far are pre-canned freebies I have collected from the various recesses of the internet over the last few years. I have several hundred. And in searching through them to find some suitable to post here I have discovered the need to rename, and file many of them in a more useful way. The file names can be pretty cryptic! I cant account for their tuning but I think we can assume standard tuning unless otherwise noted. As I mentioned in the tutorial thread though, I have found some minor tuning variations, for reasons I cant explain. (Not to any of these specific tracks but in general) and have found it necessary on occassion to make a minor correction and tune to the track instead of any of the six or so tuners in my "studio" space.

As to the key and other questions, I was thinking about this and although this was meant to be attempt at getting more people recording, posting and especially working on some collaboration skills (myself included), I sense a learning opportunity!

So while I could figure out the key, chord progression and more, then just provide it here in the notes, the ever over ambitious side of me thinks, wouldnt it be better to in some way post some tips on how to find the key, chord progression and where to look for the scale that will contain the notes that work as a melody or lead section. And be then be able to use those skills to figure out any of these song more easily? Hmmmm, thats right a music theory lesson!

Thats right people. See I figure theres a group that dont care, they just want to jam. Show me the way and let me go. Others want more information but just havent found the resources to make any of it click. Then theres another group who hear "12 bar blues, key of G" and can pretty much tell you with great odds of being right, what the three most likely chords are, what order they are going to be in and go right to the scale that contains the notes that work for a melody or lead section. Before they even hear the tune! It may be from experience, or studies, it often may be that they dont even realize they can do that!

My goal here is to appeal to everyone. And I am no know-it-all, I am learning as we go here, and always! Theres no music theory snobbery, no leaving anyone behind that doesnt "get it" and I want to make it fun for everyone. Some might learn nothing, some a lot, honestly, my effort is worthwhile if just one person has an "aha" moment as the little lightbulb turns on, so I'm already good to go! This is meant to be a sharing and shared effort, and I am holding the car keys out for all of you to share the ride with me!

So with that I will just say this is an on-going effort, I have more to come and so you can expect more wordy hard to read posts from me as time allows. For those who skip to the end looking for the instant gratification though, I just want to remind you that you might be missing out on an opportunity!


You know what would be really interesting... if we took a song, say Keys to the Highway or Got My Mojo Workin, had a back track or a set of backtracks in different 'themes' and had folks pick a backtrack and record their own take on these classics.

As well, if we had something like a backtrack for blues drums (shuffle say) and then someone or a few folks add in tracks for bass, rhythm, lead, as separate tracks. Then we could pick and mix and make some really cool stuff. Heck, there might be some mixing sites up on the net which we could use...




What we have started here can certainly apply to any song. And I have drum tracks in about 32,000 flavors, so thats no problem. Bass tracks, guitar tracks, hard drives full of em. And can create more easily from what I have. Mostly however they are going to sound a little "polished" however and theres a desire for the home made here, so......

Just plantin' seeds.

Just a warning, I am working on a "home made" percusion track, and plan to lay down a rythym guitar track, probably with a CBG tuned to Keni Lees "devil tuning" as soon as time allows!

Carry on.


cool, look forward to it!!...what is the  devil tuning???

That A D F# thing. Maybe, we'll see how it goes!

ah yeah I think I tried that..yeah go for it!! 

Dont let it get to you Jim, the learning curve can be steep, but it will start clicking soon enough. The software part of it is hard for me to help with being unfamiliar with the program you are using. But to help the three armed wallpaper hanging monkey trick you mentioned, you should be able to move the track forward a few measures to allow you a moment between hitting record and starting to play. A "count in" could go a long way to helping you here too. Keep experimenting and you will get it. Maybe getting more comfortable with using the program itself before adding the recording complications would help too?

What I suspect, and your not the only one, is that by attempting to record along with a track via your onboard sound card, you are getting a large delay. (Latency.) This has both the effect of making it very hard to get the desired result and the "disorientation" effects and frustrates your playing. I hear what you want to get out of that track, its in there, just not working as hoped! Am I on the right track?

For those recording via Microphone, I have made a discovery that I am going to explain shortly. (No time right now) but for recording direct from an instrument output, as far as I know theres just no getting around this issue without some kind of interface/soundcard designed to deal with this problem. The stock soundcard installed in computers just isnt designed for this. As for the operating system, despite all the shortcomings Win7 actually has some really good improvements for getting VERY low latency, but still requires some kind of interface to take advantage of it.

Hang in there Jim!


Cool work! I'd like to see if I can figure out how to add some blues harp to that if you don't mind?

that'd be great... except it might not work as it's tuned between the notes,lol???! I think Penny might have something to put that right?

I might be wrong, but I think we are ok on tuning here, B might be sleep deprived and confused with the Thump track. Please let me know if I am wrong about that!

Oh and of course Bluesheart, lay something down man!



yep you're about right Mark yeah I thought we were in THUMP world. YES it's all in tune here : -)


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