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How to build a Fairy Cigar Box Ukulele and Flat Rat house. (Part Two)

Cut a 2"x2" strip of Maple. Rough cut shape of neck on bandsaw and fine tune with rasp, file and sand paper.

Have Flat Rats check it for quality control.

Cut hole on box top and then glue top on cigar box using books and magazines to clamp.

After glue dries plane top flush with box sides.

Glue on neck, fret board, bridge, nut and fairies.

Finish with Polymerized Tung oil, string and tune.

Fairies provided their own dust.

Flat Rats settling in.

WARNING: Choose your Flat Rats carefully. The ones found on the road side are gross and may not be the correct thickness.

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Comment by Richey Kay on January 29, 2014 at 1:19am

Very good, concise and descriptive. Could I use flat cats, or are they best left for a bass?


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