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  • Three string guitars

    590 members Latest Activity: 15 hours ago

    Everything about anything that's a three stringer

  • Cigar Box Basses

    308 members Latest Activity: Sep 24 Where the lords of the lower frequencies dwell!!!

  • Diddley Bows and Other Primitives

    276 members Latest Activity: Oct 9 A place to discuss one-string diddley bows, washtub basses, washboards and any other primitive instrument that may fall outside the Cigar Box realm.

  • Australian CBG

    115 members Latest Activity: Sep 14 Australian builders can meet and discuss issues with making guitars down under.

  • Four String Cigar Box Guitars

    166 members Latest Activity: Oct 15 Group for those who are interested to find out more and swap ideas for builds, chords and tunings for these versatile instruments!

  • Cigar Box Fiddlers

    84 members Latest Activity: Oct 9 welcome to my new group. lets talk bowed instruments.

  • Home Made Resonator Boxes 101, v.2.0

    186 members Latest Activity: Oct 13 Beginning Box Building. Nothing too fancy, but functional. For people who don't have easy access to cigar boxes. Other home made non-rectangular…

  • Can Jo Consortium

    204 members Latest Activity: Sep 29 The simplest little resonator instrument of all. Please add links to plans, photos of your canjos and ideas you've found that make the most of this…

  • CB Nation Recording Studio

    257 members Latest Activity: Oct 14 An experimental recording collective where members of the Nation can collaborate on music with other members. Please start a new discussion for each…

  • Solidbody city

    73 members Latest Activity: on Saturday

    CBGs, cookie tins.. They're great.. But sometimes a necks just too nice to stick in a recycled container...
    And sometimes you just gotta rock…

  • Building a Cigar Box Guitar 101

    1220 members Latest Activity: Oct 15

    This group is for discussing the basics of CBG building for newer builders - where to start, what to do, common pitfalls, tips and techniques.…

  • New Zealand CBG Movement

    15 members Latest Activity: Sep 15

    Kia Ora...Somewhere for all CBG people in the land of the long white cloud to get together and talk CBG stuff......

  • Vintage Radio Guitar Amps ~Converted & Amp Kits~

    213 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    This is the group for Lo-Watt Rock & Blues.

    Here is the place to post photos and information on how to convert vintage electronics into…

  • Teisco and vintage Japanese Lovers group.

    73 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    For all things Teisco. AND those sweet vintage japanese guitars with those vintage pickups made by Teisco that no guitar on the planet can match.…


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