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Teisco and vintage Japanese Lovers group.


Teisco and vintage Japanese Lovers group.

For all things Teisco. AND those sweet vintage japanese guitars with those vintage pickups made by Teisco that no guitar on the planet can match. if you have never heard em, you wouldnt understand. share,buy, sell, beg, whatever, have fun. 

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MISSING: 1 Brain & The Video It Was Watching Last Night! Getting Old Sucks! Just Say No!

Started by Stephan Ziemba. Last reply by Stephan Ziemba on Sunday. 8 Replies

I think I was watching a video featured on this site, maybe in the ad column on the right way down at the bottom. There was a gentleman in a ball cap and I think no hair playing a white Ventures…Continue

Minns Music Custom/Teisco Parts

Started by Steve Hogarty. Last reply by Stephan Ziemba on Sunday. 11 Replies

Hi AllNew to this group and have just picked up what is, almost undoubtedly, a Teisco Electric though it is badged with the name of a UK Music Store (Minns Music) as Minns Custom. Only difference…Continue

Tags: arm, spring, tremolo, Teisco

Is There One Place With Complete Teisco Model History With Pictures?

Started by Stephan Ziemba. Last reply by Stephan Ziemba on Sunday. 6 Replies

I have a couple Teisco tulip parts and beater project guitars. I see lots of differences in all of the tulip bodies. I don't have two identical out of 5. got me hooked on the tulips…Continue

Exponential price increases in the past 5 years???

Started by Lee Smith. Last reply by Where's Uranus? on Saturday. 17 Replies

Ok, so I love collecting Teisco and related 60's guitars.I have recently purchased a very nice 3 pickup teisco-Kawai from another member of this forum (Pictures attached).I have been alarmed at the…Continue

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Comment by Stephan Ziemba on Sunday

(giving up) ...On keeping it original.. Are you going for the replacement tuners? Pretty sure I can straighten those bent keys if you can't. I really hate seeing guitars getting parted out for stuff like this. Doesn't matter to me. If the footprint is the same, it's not as big a deal as adding and leaving unfilled or sometimes uncovered holes. Didn't mean anything by it. Just trying to find out where you're coming from to offer the most helpful sugestions... : )

I'm on the fence about keeping them original. In many cases, original means messed up...

Comment by Maddog on Saturday

GIVING UP?????????

Comment by Stephan Ziemba on Saturday

Regarding the 4 up 2 down tuners... The new tuners in Maddog's pic are easily reversible. It's the originals on this one that are hard but not impossible. The folded bases don't capture the worm gears when the pinion is out of the way. The tuners that have separate bearing blocks swaged into the bases need to be unswaged, reversed, and then reswaged... Maddog... Those original tuners are fixable. I don't know if you're just looking for upgrades or if you are trying to keep it original but giving up...

Comment by the anonymous pick on April 2, 2014 at 12:49pm

yummy  ..  i  almost  bought a  maxitone   ibanez   yesterday  ..  but   upon  close inspection  ..  it  looked   too  reworked  .

Comment by RTZGUITARS on April 2, 2014 at 12:26pm

Very old Ibanez Guitars.

Comment by RTZGUITARS on April 2, 2014 at 12:23pm

If you have a Japanese made Ibanez Les Paul copy or Artist Hallow body and would like to sale please post picture and price.!!!!!

I don't know why Gibson sued them.

Comment by the anonymous pick on March 27, 2014 at 12:27am

ebay    would be  one of your  best     bets  for the rocker switches  ,,  but  a  good   cleaning  ,, and  maybe  bending the thin  metal  strip  contacts  back into shape  usually    does  the job  . most  you  will  find  on   ebay  are either the  same condition  ,,  or   just   cleaned and   readjusted anyway . 

those  tuners doooo  look  like a close match . ;-)

Comment by Maddog on March 27, 2014 at 12:13am

Gitty's new Vintage Style tuners:

Comment by Maddog on March 27, 2014 at 12:11am

I think the new Vintage Style tuners that Gitty has will work for the replacement tuners, funny thing is I will have to order 2 sets as there are 4 tuners on top and 2 on bottom. :-/

Comment by Maddog on March 27, 2014 at 12:07am

I knew I came to the right place for answers :-) 

Thanks everyone and in particular you Pick, you da man!!!

I took it out to the cabin earlier tonight and plugged it in and it sounds amazing, even with the crap strings on it and a broken tuner.

The pots were not scratchy and all were in working order which was surprising, about the only thing I need to do right away is replace the 2 toggle switches for the pickups. Is there somewhere I can find those???


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