Well heres a new one on me, but imagine the possibilitys!

Fretboard convertable from Diatonic to Chromatic? Removeable Micro tonal inserts? Maybe even fretted to fretless? (Maybe not, might work!)

How about a Diatonic convertable from pure diatonic to modified with 1 1/2 and/or 6 1/2 frets? Hmmm......



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Why not two or three dulcimers? Each fretted differently.
This looks like a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

You could also combine these with Second Strings TM. The idea is that you can use ANY string from a standard set of strings as the second string.

We could make a mint!


Alright guys, it may not have any practical use, I dont know. Just thought I'd throw it out there as it intrigued me.

First, Richard, I didnt intend it as a Dulcimer only idea.

John, you may be right, I just thought I would add it as an idea for experimental builders. This is after all supposed to be where the "freaks hang out" right?

Oily, I dont know what to say, that idea just floors me. How about a roll of .009 for use in all positions? No wait, I have it!!!! Tapered strings!


Seriously though, what if you could install the channel as a nut/first fret and have the height options to easily swap out for low action or slide action? Maybe?

I just found it interesting and had never seen it before.


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