Hey guys,

My second build I guess is technically a canjo - 4 strings and a real fancy tin. I was considering putting electrics in it but wasn't sure if a disk piezo would work as well in a tin compared to a box...would it sound OK or should I consider something else?

Here's the almost-finished product. Thanks in advance!

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Nice box! I put a piezo in my cookie tin CBG - works just fine! Just under the bridge or on the through neck works.

She is a beauty .  A piezo would work ok on the back of the  wood  neck , but   placed right on the metal may be too harsh . but ,  In my opinion , I think you would be happier  with the results from a rod piezo  in the bridge  . 

As far as using a mag pickup , it can be done  . but would involve cutting into the box and separating all electronics from the tin with . felt / rubber washers etc on the jack   etc etc ... and kinda defeats the purpose of using a tin  because the mag pickup would more-so read the strings  and overpower most resonation.

 However , you can mount a mag pick up (inside , under the lid)  and trick it to read the metal top  instead of the strings  , (as P Kid did here) : 

leaving a slight space , and not having it touch the lid at all.

but .  that may not be the sound you are looking for . 

 My best / easiest  advice is a rod piezo  , mounted in a bridge .  you can try to make one yourself . or maybe someone here can offer you one pre-made , lotsa folks make  em .

There is a bit  of a trick in using them properly  , and work best with some applied string pressure  . etc .  read up on em if you plan to make one  yourself . 

hope that helps ;-)

I second what the anonymous pick suggested.I would go with a rod piezo in a bridge under a bone saddle.Rod piezo's are superior to disc piezo's,in my opinion and you certainly don't get so much feedback from them.....Lovely box and a lovely build.

Nice looking guit you are making there I went with the disc piezo hot glued into a bottle cap on the underside of through neck at the bridge position it worked out great my Tinjo howls with little to no feedback but I use that feed back to my advantage and reduced the amount of work you need to do on the build .Pick has given you the good oil I’m just airing my opinion on what I found in building my tinjo have fun which ever path you choose .

Slim pick up in the neck is your best bet sound wise in my opinion.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb1nbmjjVAs


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