Hi all.

Not posted on CBN in a while but glad to see that things are still going strong!

I need some help if you don't mind me asking. Can someone point me to a wiring diagram for two single coil pickups using 1 volume pot, 1 tone pot and a three way Les Paul type toggle switch, please? Not sure how I'd go about making the two singles hum cancelling (I think I remember hearing they can be but I can't be certain I'm remembering correctly) but that would be great if i could. Also, would I be better with 250k pots or 500k pots? 

Thanks in advance for the help folks. Much appreciated, as always! 

Best regards ,

Bear :0)

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I think this is what you are after, let me know. P Jon

That certainly looks like it, P Jon. Would you happen to know if that's a telecaster switch blade or the Les Paul type toggle switch in the image? Are they the same underneath anyway? Thanks very much for your help :0)


This is how Telecaster’s tone and volume controls were wired when Gibson wired late-’50s Les Pauls. Go on Pintrest and you can find loads of diagrammes showing different setups and all sorts of amps and effects pedals.


P Jon

Thanks again P Jon. My biggest problem is that I wouldn't know the right diagram any more than I'd know how to perform brain surgery haha. I'll keep looking around though. What you posted is the majority of it, I suspect, but just need to know what holes in the toggle switch I need to solder the pickup wires to. I'll get there or someone will slap me over the head and make it obvious. Thanks again P Jon.

Bear :0)

Hi Bear,

I hope you are well :0)

This link is to a pdf of the common wiring options. 


If you see the circuit you want but it is using humbuckers then just use 250k pots instead.


David L

Thanks David. Not too bad thanks. Some issues but I'm getting there and due to start receiving the help I need to get back to fine fettling form. I hope you're doing well too?

That link had exactly the answer I was looking for combined with your info about changing to 250k pots for single coils. Perfect, so thanks again!

If you 3 way switch looks like this

Then if you look at the bottom it looks like this

The hot wires from the pickups go to 1 and 2.

Number 3 lug is wired to the volume pot lug on the diagrams.

Number 4 connects to the common ground. 

That's exactly the switch I had in mind. Thanks again David!

As a bit of an additional question, do you know whether this switch type requires less depth clearance (as in shallower routing depth needed) than a blade switch as on a telecaster? 

If you find the switches you want to compare from here


Click on the switches like yours and then scroll down and there will be a "technical specs" button. Click on this for a diagram with dimensions.

Thanks David. I just did a Google image search and strangely enough it came up with axesrus haha. Seems the Les Paul type switch I was going to use requires 40mm cavity clearance whereas the blade switch type ala telecaster needs around 35mm (according to axesrus). Not what I was expecting as I'd assumed it was the other way around.

I'm retro fitting a second pickup to a partscaster build I'd made previously so clearance is a bit of an issue. I might try raising the control plate a tad if needed or put a raised cover over the back of the cavity at a push. The good news is I can still use the relic control plate that's on there if I use the tele type three position switch and that's the one that needs the least depth of cavity. Good days!

Combined with your information on wiring I'm good to get going! Thanks again, David :0)

Not an electronics guru Bear, but to be truly hum cancelling, your pups need to be opposite wound, single coils will be fine with 250 pots, and to prevent sound leaching from pup to pup, i'd recommend this...http://www.strat-talk.com/threads/the-stracciatella-3-volume-w-vari..., it is detailed for a 3 pup setup, but is relevant, [ i think], it might sound overwhelming, but it is really just a diode added to each pup hot lead

Thanks Darryl. I'll definitely have a look at that. We don't want any leaching around these parts! Even self-confessed "non-gurus" have valuable input to give and I appreciate the help as much as any other. Thanks again :0)


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