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CBG Tabs

So you built your CBG and now you need something to play on it, right? Well, if you're not completely musically inclined or can't read traditional music, tabs are your answer. If you're like me, you read tabs and sometimes make them. Paste'em here.

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Tabs here is as a learning tool -- NOT for profit.

I'll also upload some blank tab sheets. Just let me know what you think and if I need to add anything.

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Summer Wine

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Muddy Waters tab please

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Comment by Ian MC Donald on Friday
Hi there
Correct I use the middle four strings
The 32 is the A string the D string I tune down half a step
To C# the G string I tune down to an E then the B sting
I tune down a whole step to an A
This is also the tuning Justin uses
It's such a cool tuning
Because you can use the bass A
As a drone and use the C# and E strings
For your double stops and the high A playing against
The low octave A string gauges are
Sounds reLly cool with a slide 32,24,16,11
Comment by TN Twang on Friday

To Ian MC Donald,

I agree with what you're saying about 4-string tuning, and I use a similar tuning on my 3-string. I really like being able to provide a good major chord by just barring across the strings, but it scares me that you're cranking the tuning all the way up to high A.

I tune my 3-strings (low to high) to either F#-a-d (Open  D) or G#-b-e (Open E). As soon as I finish making that 4-string that's sitting on the workbench, I'll be able to put a low D or E on the bottom.

I'd be afraid to pull even a light high "E" string all the way up to higher A. Are you, perhaps using the "middle" 4 strings out of a 6-string set and tuning the whole thing an octave lower than what I'm thinking about?

Just curious,


PS Didn't know Justin had his stuff on a CD. Gotta' keep up...

Comment by Pete Turner on Friday

Hey Gary, Here's a great way to play just about any sound by the Wizard Justin Johnson. He has a lot of great videos on youtube. Meet him @ last weeks Pennsylvania Fest & bought his new instructional CD. Here's a link:

Comment by Pete Turner on Friday

Yes all are 1 string. I played w/an open G tuning GDg. I like Shane's vrsions better, just having a hard time picking out all the notes.

Here's an easy version of Amazing Grace all play on the G string.

Open G - 5fret - 9fret - 9 - 7 - 5 - 2 - Open - 5 - 7 - 9 - 12 - 12 - 12- 12 - 9 - 9 - 7- 2

0 - 5 - 5 - 7 - 9 - 7 - 5

Have Fun!

Comment by Gary Williams on Friday
Pete excuse my ignorance but the tabs you posted are they on one string or more
Comment by Gary Williams on Friday
There must also be tabs out there for amazing grace on one string if there is please post them
Comment by Blind Lemon Cello on Thursday

An update on the Robert Johnson book I posted earlier on this thread. Excellent version of Johnson's songs, note by note, tabs & lyrics. About half his songs are in open tune & I find I can pull out little excerpts to make up my own songs & use some of his lyrics. Lots of fun, worth every penny!

Comment by Ian MC Donald on Thursday
Tune your 4 string to open A ( A c# e A )
Play the open strings as follows
E , C# , Low A , C# , E high A
Then the C# on the 4th Fret high A string then the B second
Fret high A string then the high A string open
Then the open C# open string then the Eb on the
C# second fret then the E third fret on the C# string
Hopefully I can tab this out at some point
Once you get round how cool the open A tuning is
You can introduce the chord progression alternating
Between the melody notes , the cool thing about
The open A tuning is you can pluck the base A string and
The octave A is the high fourth string
You can slide and pick up the melody with
Single note passes and also slide a chord in
For example finish the melody line on an A chord by hitting all the
Open strings
You can pretty much work it out from
Comment by Pete Turner on Thursday

Sound advice.

Comment by Gary Williams on Thursday
Keep it on one string for now Pete no sense in rushing things lol

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