I am a 1stSgt and about two months into my Afghanistan deployment. I was traveling to visit my Marines at their different patrol bases and found two of my Marines with the CBG's and was amazed. One of my Lance Corporal's was playing while teaching the other who was just learning. I was fascinated by the CBG. They told me about the site and what you do. Gentlemen it is a great service because my two Marines had big smiles on their faces and as I watched them play, being deployed away from their families was not in their thoughts. Words can't describe the impact you have had on these two young Marines. Semper Fi.

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Ashley and I have just finished up a "GEARS OF WAR" themed 3 string fretted. If you are into video games at all this would be a good fit for you. Volume and tone with full pickup. I can post up some pics and video if you are interested.

I also have several more on the go if you want something more traditional.

It is funny you mentioned video games because I have two boys, 8 and 14, we spend a little time gaming. My oldest is big into the shooter games and the youngest loves Sky Landers. The network on my computer is too slow for video but I would love to see a pic. How long have you been putting them together. It really is an amazing concept.

It all started back in Sep of 2010 with Wichita Sam and Diane from chicago who both sent me a cbg while I was on Camp Bastion in Helmaud provice Afghanistan. I was right next dooe to Camp leatherneck at the time. God Bless the whole cbg world for all they do. Here it is 2012 and the community is building more than ever. I am humbled to be at the root of it all. I still see my picture on the site from time to time. How long ago it all seems now, and it is not yet a year. Thanks for all you do in service to our country.

HM2 Borczon

I am familiar with the Helmand Province and knowing there are supporters out their like the Cigar Box Nation, it makes a world of difference. I can't say it enough. I am truly amazed by the CBG. 

I just found out that one of my Marines met you at the Bastion Hospital about this time last year. He mentioned your name and said you taught him how to play "twinkle, twinkle little star" on a CBG. So know that you left an impression. Thank you for your support.

I think I've got 2 years under my belt, this guitar would be #60 for my daughter and I.

I'll post up some  pics tonite.

I have looked around the Cigar Box Nation and the more I see the more I am intrigued. It is cool that you and your daughter build the guitars together.

John:  I've created several guitars for the troops in the 'Stan, and if someone hasn't already amped up for you, I will be happy to build a TotalRojo guitar for you.  Just let me know.  If you're interested, go to my site @ http://TotalRojoGuitars.blogspot.com/  to take a look at what I do.  Stay well and safe.  Jess Allred

A short while ago I had no idea what a CBG was and after seeing a few I am amazed. So many types and styles it is only limited by the imagination. I would be honored to have one made by you.

Jess, I do appreciate it. I wasn't sure to post here or do an invite so I'll do both. If you are still good with the build I am right handed and I guess a three string. I have looked through your CBG pics and i am amazed. Just let me know what you need from me. The Cigar Box Nation has definitely sparked a new interest in me.

John:  Please go to my 'contact' info on my web site and email me a message with your complete mailing address (all info necessary to receive a package from the states).  Do not send specific information through CBN, for security reasons.  I have a nice three-string I can get in the mail soon.

Posted the pics of the guitar for you to see. Just follow this link to my photoalbum


Also, posted up a quick vid of it as well.


Let me know if this one might foot the bill


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