I am building a 21" scale cbg using the zero fret method for the first time. So last night, I finally get to the point putting one string (old guitar string I found while cleaning up the shop) on it to test tone and troubleshoot any problems. There was a little bit of buzz noise when I played it open. Then I tried to play the note in the first fret and it just "dank plunk dank" buzz sound. not even a musical note. same with second fret. The third fret is a bit cleaner and then down the fretboard from there it is fine.

The frets on this git are narrow low (like mandolin/banjo style). The zero fret is medium/medium. The frets appear to be seated properly. I am open to any suggestions for fixing the issue. so far, everything I have done is to no avail. Thinking of pulling the zero fret and building a nut and replacing the frets with medium/medium.

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Raise your bridge slightly. Also check to see that you do not have a slight back bend to the neck. That will cause frets at that location to appear higher.

Hi, noticed that you started by saying you are testing with an old string, hmmm, could be the string itself. It's always best set up with new strings. And with one string you will not learn a lot about tone and playability unless the guitar is under tension. I've experienced a bad string in a new pack causing buzz a few times in the past. Check also that the zero fret has a crown on it the same as the other frets, flat top frets cause buzz. Cheers Taff


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