This could be git related or not. So, what's on your workbench at the moment?

I have 4 scarf joint necks in different stages of work.

A 25" scale pine 5 string neck for a Banjo-Res, A 25" scale Red Oak neck for my 6 string Strat-Res build, A 24 & 1/2" scale Red Oak neck for my 6 string Double Cut Tele build and a 27" scale 6 string Baritone Conversion neck for a Modern Strat body I have.

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Update on my Crate amp.

I thought about converting it into a 18watt style Marshall tube amp, but that would require buying a speaker or two to fit the cabinet. I have a 15" speaker in a cabinet that I made out of the kick drum shell and a chassis that I can use for that. So what to do with the Crate cabinet and speakers?

I had built my self built and designed dual 386 chip bridged amp (1watt) into a small tin that was a bit flimsy. So I put that into the Crate cabinet using the Crate speakers. Works and sounds great. Sorry for the blurry pic.

I finally got my parts from China... Almost 6 weeks of waiting, and I only got 5 of the 9 parts I ordered. Just so happens, it was the other 4 parts I needed to make my stand up 2 string thump bass and super diddley (Bass pickups and bass tuning machines). Sigh. I'm so hoping a 2nd box o' parts shows up like magic this week...

I think I'm going to ask my friend for a large wooden Blood Oath Bourbon box he has, and make a 3 or 4 string humbucker resonator using the stuff I did get.

Nice. I haven't ordered anything directly from China before. I've been leery of just such an ordeal.

I've had really good luck with every previous overseas vendor I've bought stuff from, both China and UK (Iron Gear Pickups). Amp boards, pots, knobs, CBG bridges, battery boxes, pickups... Just not so much this time, though he could have gotten the shipping # wrong and I'll get a box by surprise.

I just recieved some fret wire i ordered from a chinese supplier, took about two and a half weeks but for an 8' foot length it was only 2.50. Really cant complain about that. Still waiting on the elctrics and tuners tho.

Hope you guys get all your stuff soon. 

I just ordered some pickups and tuners from C.B.Gitty on Thursday. Arrived Saturday. Thing about ordering from a company within your Country is, don't have any delays from customs and If I need to return it, it's a lot easier and cheaper.

Sometimes things work out great for little money, and then sometimes you get burned. Of course UPS, USPS and Fed EX can loose your stuff, damage it or steal it. So bad things can happen anywhere I guess. Good Luck.

That's why it's good to use eBay / Paypal. Buyer protections galore. If I don't get the parts this week, eBay will get my money back for the missing stuff.

And I wouldn't hesitate to order from Iron Gear in the UK again. Nice quality 'generic' pickups, and super fast shipping. UK to Wisconsin in a week.

That's quick shipping from across the pond.

Back in the 80's, I waited a month for a turn signal switch from MG.


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