1. What is your favorite slide?

  2. How many do you have?

  3. What slide material do you favor?

  4. What material do you not like so much?

5. Do you have in slide technique advice?

Pinky finger: my fave, a tapered Dunlop brass.    Ring Finger, 1B.  A ceramic by Dave Lynas -which I like better on some songs.   Badfinger a bottle neck from my friend, the Maddog.     Pointer finger, a big socket HEAVY!    Thumb- I really like a shot glass for a lap diddley.

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good question. my favorite by far is my bone slide made by Randy. it just has that sound, and most of all the feel. its hard to explain but you can really get in there and get with it. Ive got all kinds of slides the one i least like is copper.  I also learned a little trick form Randy that custom formed most of my slides , moleskin .   yup.  yup.

I like a brass .50 cal shell case - also a glass Tabasco bottle - either work fine as they are playing lap style - you need to zip the neck off with a masonry saw, if you want to use them slipped over your finger.  Best Regards to All, Joe.

First time I ever heard of using a Tobasco bottle.   Good idea.  I needed to put some green Tobasco on the grocery list.  

There is a standard size glass bottle for most hot sauces that works well on my lap diddley bows... I buy "Cajun Sunshine" and "Pickapeppa" sauce myself - spicy enough, but will not  overwhelm the intent of food or music

Good idea.  This forum was the first I heard of using hot sauce bottles.   I want to try it.   I am a green Tobassco kind of guy.

Red Tabasco  works better warmer sound....  ;)

Crossroads,  red works for hot Chicago style, and Elmore Leonard.   Green Tobasco bottles are for down home Delta and Country blues.

1. What is your favorite slide? AcoustaGlide Brass

2. How many do you have? 7

3. What slide material do you favor? Ceramic and brass.

4. What material do you not like so much? Steel (except lap slide guitar)

5. What do you have in slide technique advice? I'm still getting control down (4th finger).  I did pick up some solid help in beginner technique from Sonny Landreth's Slide Supernatural (I am in no way associated with this product and do not receive any remuneration from it. In fact, I'll let you Google it to get the link.) Sonny has always been a hero to me when it comes to delta blues.

Anyway, that's my .02 worth.

Favorite slide is a 5/8's metal spacer from Tractor supply, cost 2.50 and is just long enough to cover all 3 strings but lets me play individual strings ala Shane Speal. a close second if a 14MM socket with the end hacksawed off. I have 3 slides and definitely favor steel. Glass is far and away my least favorite. No advice that others haven't covered.


Yup, Jonathan.  That slide in the attachment looks good and right.  And I love the price and place of purchase.  

You reminded  me, I have a 15mm deep well socket that makes a nice tight pinky slide.   I just took it for a spin and it works and sounds good.  There is a bit of extra coolness to slides that were not originally intended to be slides.

Also, out in my shop is a deep well spark plug socket that was my dad's and has his name scratched on it.  It is too big, but dear to me.  I use it some on the shop guitars.


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