I've been messing around with my 3 String canjo this weekend and I have come across some tunings. Saw a video for how to play Folsom Prison Blues on a CBG and loved it and copied it. But heres the thing, the tuning used, I haven't found anywhere else. Doesn't seem like a weird tuning, FCf, just open G tuned down.

can you guys tell me anything about it and suggest what else I can use it for?

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I've used EBe, FCf, GDg, DAd...  They're all workable... if you're singing, you might find a different key better matches your voice or a particular song...

When I build Electrics, the thinner strings have less tension... I often take the EAD strings and tune them DAD, or EBE, or even FCF... don't try that with acoustic low three, though..

(Nigel's videos are great!)

Got to agree Nigel's vids are good.

In terms of the strings, I'm using the ADG strings from a set of Ernie Balls electric 10's and I gotta say the sound I am getting from the Tin body is beautiful.

The key doesn't worry me too much for when I sing, I'm told I have a great Tenor and good Baritone voice, so low, not a problem.

Mix it up!  Pick what you like...   Here's an article on strings and tuning:


I'm liking the article, the EBE tuning looks interesting, I got a project on that involves the GBE strings, might be worth a try.

It is GDG dropped a full step down, use it for any song in G that you find more comfortable to sing with FCF. play the GDG tab as though your git was tuned to GDG, and wallah! you have transposed the song to a different key, like using a capo in the opposite direction...

One of my bands did everything written in standard but played in Eb tuning, all strings a half step down, for some reason it made a huge difference for our singer.


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