Anybody tried an EBbe tuning, or equivalent, for a 4 string?

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That's actually an open B tuning with the 3rd string(B)now as your root(typically BEbe), haven't heard anyone favor this method, but you can go for it to see if you like it, personally, I'd change the b to a G# for a typical 4 string open E, you have basically the makings of a cowboy chord in standard tuning, and I think will sound much better up and down the neck with the other chords...just my .02 cent input lol

E-1, B-5, b-5, e-1  1/5/5/1 Open E Shane Speal did a write up on the Dirty E tuning awhile back.

that's right, forgot about that, it definitely does sound different.

couldn't find the video, too many to weed through, maybe Shane can post a link here

The EBEG#    open E that Richard Dean describes is a great sounding tuning.  I use it some.  It plays (chords/picks) like my most fave 4 string open G GDGB. 

I can't find it either.

Well the 4 lowest strings in a 6 string set E/A/D/G would work. You could tune those to E/B/E/B or E/B/E/G.

Or use the 4 highest strings D/G/B/E and tune to E/B/B/E or E/G/B/E.

O chose to use the four big strings from a set of six.  I used electric guitar strings.

cant find it either, this is the closest i found

Here's his 4 string open E, EBEAb


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