Hey all,

Getting ready to buy my 2nd CBG. Looking for an acoustic only instrument, as I have an electric, but it's just not that loud when I fingerpick it without an amp...so I want a nice loud acoustic. Just wondering what I should look for and what I should avoid in purchasing a new CBG? In otherwords, what things should definitely scare me off and what things I should definitely want as far as the "build" is concerned.

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Lots of variables here, but for what you seek, i'd start with a larger box of natural wood, no guarantee that alone will be enough , but it's a good starting point, i, and many others like the Padrone or Cohiba boxes, a big as you can find, and if it is to be solely accoustic, i'd get the builder to let me hear it before i laid out any cash, i also think you should make it yourself, it's not that hard, and you can tweak it more readily if you build a bit of fudge factor into it, having said all that, there are a heap of guys here who make good guitars for sale, look and listen to their vids, hopefully you can find a builder who lives near you, and you can be part of the design and build

Darryl is right... a larger box will give a louder sound in general... there really are a lot of variables.  A thinner lid, IMHO is also a little louder... at the same time, some boxes surprise you...

The other thing to look for is the neck:  Good hardwood:  Maple is my favorite, Mahogany is beautiful... and a separate fretboard will help keep the neck straight for years of playing.

Many of us make guitars, and it's tempting to make a "Buy mine" call, but truthfully, you should find somebody local.  These things need adjustment from time to time, and you should develop a relationship with your builder.


Yeah, I wish I could find a local builder, but the only one I knew died. I have a local honky-tonk git shop nearby, but am hesitant to drop my CBG off there, as I've seen the condition of their shop, and it ain't pretty...guitars piled all over in precarious positions along the floor/wall. Maybe I can get them to work on it while I'm there.

My advice (which is always better given rather than taken) is to lower your expectations when it comes to acoustic sound.  Cigar boxes are too small to really project, so I'd look for something with a resonator cone if I wanted to make some pure acoustic noise.

Yep, resonator is what I'm going for.

OK on the sound I've done 2 R&j boxes first ibe I but the bridge at the base of the sitting over the neck on the second u took UJ's advice and place my bolt up further on the body of the box and it has a totally different sound very plucky banjo sound and no need a amp with it when I busk .if u need to buy one look in the buy n trade page . good luck .

Made this one in March...  

Lacewood fretboard...

Very nice build. I'm not a big fan of the deep dog bowl-style resonators though. I want something with spokes...a little fancier, LOL, just a personal pref. I recently got in contact with the man that built my electric CBG and he told me that all of his resonators have a banjo sound.

So, I'm wondering, do resonator CBG's all sound like banjos? Because if that's the case, I'm not sure I want one now.

Beautiful guitar, John!!

Hands down without a doubt a resonator!...and one with the old lowe cone from Mike lowe, you will never play anything else.

I suggest just making your own.

here is a video  https://youtu.be/QEdAJQuZmSk

Love the resonator style on this one.


Build your own.

It's part of the fun.


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