Was messing around and wanted to see how many different open tunings I could get out of the gauge of strings i use. Went online and checked out different brands and gauges. Came up with this chart. 

The top row is the open tuning for a standard six string guitar. Below each string are the gauges used for that tuning from thickest to thin. Colors are used to represent the same tuning used on the next string higher in pitch. If you compare the strings used to tune both E and A you'll see that some of the strings used to tune a low E can also be used to tune to A.

The ? to ? below each column is the preposed tunings for those strings. I only went one step lower on each string. Tuning down from A to G. Because if you make your strings too loose they start to sound wobbly. 

The next row down is the gauge of strings I use and what I believe I should be able to tune them to. 

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ThanksCTBR, I'll copy that and pin it in the workshop.


Cool, thanks!

Nice one Mr Rat sir- will help in trying to get three gits strung from two packs of 10s...

Anyone out there got any idea what to do with all the actual 10s I've accumulated?

Cool yep got it copied will print out and laminate for the assembly area wall . 

Good work & thanks I've copied it too :)
  1. I buy my strings as singles, just the gauges I need. Now it will be easier and quicker to make up diffferent sets of three. If you are using say 38, 24, 16 then just order 10 of each size from your music store.


I should put a disclaimer on this. The highest of each tuning is based on what the next string down starts at. There can be a difference between wound and unwound strings in strength. So the highest tunings using an unwrapped G string is an estimate based on the total thickness of the string. It wasn't always mentioned if the third string was wrapped or not. 

I redid the chart for better printing. Left my string gauge and it's estimates off.

I found that electric guitar sets have unwound 3rds and acoustic guitar sets have wound 3rds.


Question for you Taff (on the grounds that you sound as though you're in the UK)- what do you pay for single strings? Cos I can't find ANY for less than £1- wound are sometimes £1.50- and if sets of six are £5 or less (they often are in multi buy offers) and I can use all but the high E, I'm better off buying sets.

maybe I could repurpose the high Es as cheese wire...

Hi Wal, nah I'm in Aussie mate.

But your answer is the one I expected, with cheap sets available on the net it is cheaper  than buying single strings. I can buy mine wholesale so a bit better.


Riddle me this then- two sets of (say) 10s, so 46, 36, 26, 17p, 13, 10. How do I string three gits from those twelve?

From NSW would be too obvious...

If you go by the chart.

A 10 can possibly be tuned as high as an G above. So anything from a D below to G above.

A 13 should be able to be tuned as high as the E string so you would have a range of A to E 

A 17. This is where the problem starts. This string is to think to be tuned up to a B. So you may be limited to only an A above at best. F to A However you may be able to go as low as a G without problems. So G to A

A 26 is again to thick to be tuned up to a G. The highest you might be able to go is the mid E. You should be able to tune this string down to A without it bottoming out. A to E

Both your A and E strings fall in the chart.

These again are estimates based on string thicknesses and what they are tuned to per set. You may be able to go higher or lower without problems. the thinner the string is the easier it will be to tune it to the next string up, The thinker the string is the lower the overall high note will be. But you may be able to tun it lower than just one note down. 


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