I'm sure I just answered my own question about tuners, but I am going to ask anyway. I have yet to build my 1st CBG, and I am getting my supplies together. I have been wondering if the economy tuners from CB Gitty will work for me. I am a guitar player and know first hand what its like to play with tuners that fall out of tune. I could step up to Hipshot tuners but by the time I do this, I will have more wrapped up in tuner costs that the guitar itself. So, what kind of experiences have you all had with these tuners and would you be able to recommend them or  a better option. Thanx to you all. 

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My last Gitty tuner purchase I bought bulk, 300 econo tuners. Got maybe 20 left and not one bad one amoung them. All hold tune well, no slipage, only draw back is heads twist off screws once in a while, not the tuners fault.

Hi Gary herget, Thank you for helping me out. That's good news to me at the moment. I will go ahead with the tuners and hope for the best, 300 tuners ! That's a lot of building.I am going to keep it simple at first. Thank you again my Friend.

If you are buying that many sets of tuners you might as well go direct to a factory in China and get them at a much better price.

Wizzo, I, too, have had good luck with the Shane Speal branded econo tuners. I have since moved to Gitty's enclosed tuners, which I personally like better. But you're right, it's pretty much pick yer China cheap tuners, or move up into pricier, likely better tuners. The cost difference does kinda knock the build-cost ratio way out of whack, as you noted. At least for most of us.

My first experience with Shane Speal Branded econo tuner is - I broke one trying to tune a 32" length bass string.... BUT - they aren't bass tuners and I might have overshot the octave I needed... I really consider this a case of customer (mis/ab)use.

Putting them on normal-ish scale guitar or smaller with the expected string gage / tensions has worked just lovely.. 

Good to hear Br Harold ! Thnx for taking time to help me out. I am getting really excited about my first build. Thank you again. Tim

Thank you Grandpa for giving me your input, it helps a lot. I think my first build I should stick to the standard materials and hardware and see how that works for me. I really am getting inspired by all of you hear at CBN, I can't believe I have been missing out all these years about the Hobby. Thank you again. Tim

I've had no issues with slippage with the Gitty tuners. Never had any tuner that slipped for that matter. However, if the string is not wrapped good it could slip.

Gary Herget mention the screw heads breaking off. For that make sure you drill the hole deep enough, and then use soap or wax on your screws to help them glide in easier.

Most important, just build it. It's the only way to know how it works for you.

Have fun and welcome to the addiction.

Thank you Blues Frog ! I have paralysis by analysis at times and I really have to be careful. Thanks for your support ! I will dive right in . Thanx tim

I hear ya Wizzo. Some of my builds have taken a couple of months to complete because I over think it. But in the end, I at least am happy with the finished product.

I've used Gitty tuners on three 3-stringers, no problems or complaints yet.  I like the retro look of open gears.

I love the look too, thank you for your input Don Craig, Much appreciated. Tim


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