I'm sure somewhere on here it's been done to death, how to make a slide, you can even find a ton of you tube video's using everything from string and lighter fluid, a bowl of ice water etc etc, score once blah blah blah.

Here's the easy method, never made one before in my life till just now, here's what I did, literally, it took less than 10 min to make 2 I needed.

First, I put a tea kettle on the stove with water to boil, while waiting, I took 2 plastic cups with large enough diameters for the large 1L bottles of wine to fit into neck first, filled the first one with lots of ice topped with cold water, took a standard hand held glass cutter you can buy anywhere from H-depot to Walmart, scored the neck by laying the bottle on it's side and slowly pressed against the neck turning the bottle, pressed hard enough to hear and see the glass scratch, even went over the area a couple times(they say score once only...bull puckey) made a good circle score around the neck, there's my water boiling, poured it into the other cup, proceeded to dunk the neck into the hot water up to and past the score mark, alternating between the hot and cold leaving it in no more than 30 seconds each, started to think it wasn't going to work, after about the 4th to 5th switch, "POP', perfect slide, did it a second time, took a few more dunks, assuming because the hot water started to cool off.

easy peasy, simple no mess, no combustibles, no cleanup, just lightly sand the breaks on the slide to avoid any sharp edges, I used Gallo Moscatto, a fine vintage for slides lol, hmm, maybe a good Riesling next....

Tried them already on my new 2x canjo builds from yesterday...WOW, never played a slide before, hard to believe a single string canjo got me grinnin like an idiot from ear to ear LOL, ;-)

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Neat write up Richard. I've got three empty, straight neck wine bottles sat in the cupboard just waiting to be made into slides. Think I might buy a glass cutter and try this idea out. Thanks dude.

Glad you found it informative

Could not believe how easy this was, and I have a barrel of wine bottles just waiting their turn.

If still too daunting form some, or don't want to purchase a cutter, get a hold of me, I'll make them for not much more than postage anywhere

Great job! As long as you have a good score with ends that line up, I get about 80% success with the same method...

I have a 1970's edition of this cutter:

Though there are probably better ones...
Sounds like a good idea but I can tell you if you have a saws all and banjo saw it takes 4 to 6 minutes to cut clean with very little clean up to be done these blades cut everything .

Cut a batch last night...  43 good slides!

43 bottles? should we be concerned about your drinking habits?  lol

Absolutely not!... it was 49 bottles...I had 6 failures...  and lots of Wino Neighbors...  :-)

Now cut the bottles one more time with a larger opening and make vases, I even paint wine bottles and will probably do that to mine

This is just awesome!!!


I did the same hot/cold thing but instead of the cutter, just lightly scored the bottles using a dremel cutoff wheel.  With various bottles I think 8 of 10 worked within a couple of dunks, one just wouldn't separate even after rescoring, and one kind of fractured.  Careful with the sanding as glass chips are not friendly!

I plan on using gloves when sanding, and that's why I have no intention of trying to cut them off, don't want no high speed flying glass bits.

I've got about 75 or so bottles to do....and yes we drank them all


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