I built a CBG that I was going to send from Oregon to my brother in New York.  I had a box that was a little big but would do, all told it weighed a little over 8 pounds.

I went down to FedEx and it was going to cost $88US to send it.  Yikes!  I checked with UPS and USPS and they were about the same.  USPS did have one option for about $55US.

The box was a bit big, about 48" x 18" x 12".  I figured I can make a smaller box that will just fit it, 36" x 11" x 5", and I can get the USPS price down to about $30US.  That's at least manageable.  UPS and FedEx are still higher.

I was shocked how much it was going to cost, and still a bit put out even if I can get it down to $30.

How are you folks shipping your CBGs?  Any way to do it for less?



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I've never paid that much and I've shipped from WV to Ca. 2 things, your weight is high for a CBG, what's it made of? Even my first one with heavy would etc, was only 5lb total, and every one since was even lighter. Also, the post office and others will get you in a higher bracket the minute your girth goes over 84", they have a formula for figuring it. click here will explain it all...use the smallest box you can and still provide adequate packing.

And to think of it, most of the cost is probably coming from the size, but weight plays a part as well.

And, your in OR, that and CA and WA, are some of the most expensive shipping rates to ship from and to...across the US

It was made from a craft box, a bit bigger than most cigar boxes but not terribly heavy. I suspect the weight comes from the large cardboard box I built to ship it. I glued it up from other old boxes. It was bigger than needed and had a fair amount of double layering.

If I take it down to a smaller size at 5-6 pounds it’s $21-25. That’s getting better.

That's about right, I've spent 20-25 dollars at most, all the way across the US, and only $9 within a state or 2

I make most of my boxes as well.

I wouldn't have missed a beat at $25; $88 knocked me back.  I know that FedEx and UPS both changed their rates a few years back to 'dimensional weight' so they're not always less expensive than USPS like they used to be.  I also realize this qualifies as a 'large package' because of the length.  Both of those can bump the price.

I'll make a smaller and hopefully lighter box and see what that comes to for shipping.

I'm going to the post office with a few guits to get a rough shipping cost ,my tattoo machines with insurance cost 25 to 30 bucks which is good from way down south of OZ.

Thanks, I'd be interested to see what prices you get.

OZ vs US...apples and oranges

Sorry buddy no apples not aloud to send them out of country .... Only guitars and tattoo machines ..... ;)
I'll get back to you on that DS .

The size of the box is one thing and you are right, making it smaller is the best option, but tell me what is going on with the weight of you CBG, I've got solid body 6 strings that weigh less than that? Surely a CBG is usually lighter than your average guitar.

I can't do anything about the weight of the guitar and bubble wrap it's wrapped in for protection. But I don't think it's the wright of the guitar that's a problem.

As I mentioned, I pieced the shipping box together myself from other boxes. It's oversized and made of fairly heavy cardboard, and there's lots of double layering that made it easier to construct but isn't necessary. I'll make the next one smaller and use less double layering. That should bring the weight down. I'll let you know how it turns out once I get around to it.

I have never seen anyone pack a CBG for shipping better than Wichita Sam.



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