I just did my first build using a lightning reso cone from Gitty and at the end found I had a problem with intonation. I laid everything out first as I always do, used a 24" scale. I was very careful to measure twice and cut once for the hole to hold the cone. All done and string it up and something is not right, intonation is off. I used a medium action since I wanted to do both slide and finger notes, it is fully fretted. I know it will go a bit sharp if the action is too high. So , to get the intonation to be correct , I had to slide the discuit/ saddle back by a bit over 1/4", so now the biscuit is not centered on the cone "nipple" like it should be but teetering on the edge. I think I will make a new biscuit/saddle on an oval shape (maybe rectangle) and screw it to the cone so it does not tip off the edge of the "nipple". I've done resonators before but never one where moving the biscuit causes a problem. I guess the moral of the story is I needed to figure in some "compensation" in my calculation of where to mount the cone on the box for my scale length.

Anyone else run into this??

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OK - Thanx - got it now!! I was afraid there was some magic about reso's that I didn't know about !!! ;-)   Luckily I play so badly intonation is the least of my problems!!!!

And....as strings have different thicknesses they require different amounts of compensation. Don't forget ( I've mentioned this before) the way one pushes down on strings whilst playing also sharpens or flatens the notes even though the intonation is correct.

Fretting a string can only sharpen a note, never flatten it, as you are deflecting the string from a straight path thus increasing the tension in the string..that's why when setting a bridge it will always be further away from the nut than the theoretical scale length.

One can get a flat note, and I find it when I am setting customers guitars up. If you press on the string pushing it to the fingerboard, behind the fret,and set the intonation to that note, you can get a lower note if the string is pushed more softly and maybe stops at the fret, so not being stretched as far.

This is often experienced when setting intonation for other players, they all have different playing styles so setting spot on intonation can be tricky.

I have tested this by fretting a string whilst watching the tuner and rolling my finger behind the fret,I can make the note go flat and sharp, if I set it with a firm pressure on the string to start with.

So l have developed a method to over come this.
Cheers Taff

Depending on the design of your git,could you relocate the fingerboard/nut away from the saddle using a bit of creative bodging?

That is actually a really good idea and one I had not thought of. I could add 1/4" to the length of the through neck . I'm not sure if I would like it visually as I have the fretboard meeting up with the body right where I want it now but thanks for the food for thought! I think this is similar idea that another poster suggested, but they were talking, pre build. I had not thought of it as a retrofit.

you can trim out the neck to box where they meet

Make another fingerboard,you can always use this one on a future build.

Fingerboard is glued on and fretted, fret spacing etc are fine. I'm going to go with the simplest solution, make a new biscuit with the slot cut off center. 

Thank you all again for all the helpful suggestions!!


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