Hi all, my first post.

I have built  3-strign and  4 string CBG and I am beyond hooked.

So my question is about pickups.  How important is it to use a match string to pole.  My first CBG was with an old 6-poll humbuker and it seems work just fine.  But now that I have to buy some pickups I have a chance to be more specific.

And an extension to that question is what about the lipstick style. Those don't appear to specify polls.

BTW I have little technical knowledge about pickups, incase that is not already obvious.

And as long as you reading this if you have recommendation of pickups I would appreciate.  I want to keep thing as inexpensive as possible but I don't want to buy crap. 

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The Firebird has the magnets as the rails, so you have to carefully remove the rails and press in the magnets without breaking the bobbins. The magnets don't need to protrude from beneath the assembly(the rails protruded to accommodate the magnet slung underneath) , the bottom needs to be flat for the bottom metal plate, then Maple spacers and then the base mounting plate as the original Firebirds were made as shown in the link I provided.

Some of the boutique winders that make Firebird pickups will omit the metal spacer and Maple spacers and just mount to the base mounting plate. I don't know if it will really make a big difference in the output tone or not to omit those pieces, but I'm going to use them in mine just in case it changes the Eddy Currents enough.

Some more infos about the Snake Oil Humbucker: underneath the pickup there is a ceramic magnet, the rails taken out of the pickup dont show any sign of magnetization, the cover is chrome over brass. cbgitty sells a pair of them for $26.99, I think a good deal for some first cbgs.

I agree that the Snake oil pickups are good. I compared them to the pickups I bought, the Snake OIl pickups are just a bit longer.

Hi, You can buy a kit for these type of pickup. Which gives you an idea of how the parts fit together (if you decide to modify one)

I am unable to add a photo direct to the text (iPad) but have attached the photo from the link for future reference at which time the link may have stopped working.

I have one in my pile of spare parts and intended to split the two bobbins to make very thin single coil pickups. I also thought it would work as a slightly fat flat pickup with neodymium magnets (1.2mm Max height) inside the slot the blade normally fits into and then positioned side on the guitar lid instead of the usual blade slot upwards.

Did you measure the kOhms of the bobbins? They seem a lot slimmer than the Snake Oil ones with about ten kOhms both.

The two coils measure 4.4kohms and 4.3kohms and bobbin thickness is just under 8mm.

Viewed from top the Snake Oil bobbins are 12mm each, for 3mm blades.

I've never seen how a lipstick pickup is made. As far as strings over poles go. People angle the pickups so the strings go over the poles. But those who are builders can say more on how important it is. 

If your looking for good quality try Fender pickups. You can get them through ebay for 100 to 120 a new set. Used for a lot cheaper.  Up to $40 a pickup for original new Fenders. Buy a set of three and you have one pickup for three guitars. 


Here's what they look like inside:


The old Danelectro ones were wrapped in sello-tape.

i offer a simplified answer .

lining the poles  up  to  the  3 strings on a cbg   really  does   not make  too  much  of a difference  in  sound  ..  the  mag  field radiates  outwards  ,  strings will  still  be  picked  up    even  in-between the poles  . and  3 strings  usually ride within the   mid hot spot of a 6 pole   pup anyway . 

Some folks  figure  the  slanted pup  looks better and aligns them better,  ,  and seems to  match  more  visually . or  may  sound better closer  over the poles   . (another reason for the slanted pup  is  trying to  get  deeper  tones    on  one side  , and   brighter  on the  other  . (ie:   closer to  the  neck  will  give a deeper  tone  .. for bass side   closer  to  the bridge will  be  brighter on  treble side .) or vise versa.

ps ..  you  can  also  hide the  pickup  inside under the lid  ..  if  it's  thin  wood  ..  it  will  radiate  right through the  lid and still  work .  this saves artwork and vintage boxes too. 

but .. either way  i   would still  also recommend  a covered pup  , or a  no pole humbucker.

That was simple?

Fender Bass guitars have the strings run between the poles without balance issues, but then those bass strings vibrate a lot more than regular guitar strings.

You still have a magnetic field that will detect vibration and send it to the coil along with body/neck/hardware vibrations even if the string isn't directly over the pole. I've always heard talk about string balance/unbalance and string fallout while bending the strings, but I've never experienced either while playing or noticed a significant change related to these issues. Yet;)


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