I have a question that is probably silly, and will likely sound sillier since I can't really describe what I am hearing when using slide on my builds. I'll try. When sliding up or down the neck, I am hearing a secondary sound, (Sometimes more than one), that ranges from the sound of a wounded cat to a crying woman. I am not surprised that the brass or copper slides I use on wound strings are making a grinding noise, but this is separate and distinct. It whines and sometimes seems to come from the end of the slide. Is it the slide making these sounds? Is it mojo? Am I going mad? Does wood glue cause hallucinations? (Grin)

 I guess the point of all this is I am just wondering what is causing my wife to go look for the cat when I play slide.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

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I know what your hearing I get it as well I put it down to harmonics ,it happens on my tinjo the most I use it to my advantage makes that guitar howl really nice ,trying to do some videos of all them all so you can hear .regards Bones .

 Thanks, Bones. I figured it was something like that. I'm new to this, so I try not to jump to conclusions.

I really like the sound. Gives it a good, almost erie sound. Been trying to teach myself a little simplified Ry Cooder. Seems to fit the tone.


Often you get a secondary noise in the back ground, it comes from the string vibration on the nut side of the slide, many slide players trail a finger on the strings, tuner side of the slide to mute this

 Thank you very much for that information. I just tried it and, of course, it works. My wife thanks you as well.

Yes I forgot to mention that I thought you were doing that already ,great to get all good info on this site .

 Funny thing is I had been trailing the finger when I started learning a couple of months ago, but dispensed with it to concentrate on learning where everything was. Then I forgot to trail the finger. Getting forgetful as I age...

 Thank you both!

Understand  that  when you lay a slide on a string  you have divided that string in half (or in 2 ) . the string doesnt know which side you want to hear .. obviously the pickup side will be accented  electrically , and more pronounce as you are picking on that side too ,  but you may still get sympathetic ghost harmonics  from the other side . you will notice this more on unplugged guitars , short scales, and certain types of strings,  piezo guitars , and  even pickup placement can all accent it  it .       Finger trailing . timed palm muting ,  and a  cranked volume , mag pickup,  pickup placement etc .. will all help with the hush .

some guitars you noticce it more than others , some not at all.

but ... if ya like it .  run with it  .......... no rules  ;-)

And there's the reason my lil git has a lil whistle when amplified...

although I think I can roll off most of it with a tone knob... if I make one..

Don't worry about the glue, it's the Tru-oil that causes hallucinations! Glad you got it sorted, when I play lazily I sometimes forget to dampen behind the slide. If mastered it seems like it could add a dimension to the sound though.

it could be used to good effect, at 12th fret you get an octave harmonic, at 7th fret you get a perfect 5th harmonic, at the fifth fret you get a 2nd octave harmonic.

 Thank all of you for helping to better understand what is going on here. I have been practicing trailing the finger with limited results. I do agree that there could be some instances that using those harmonics in creative ways can be fun.

 Thank you again!


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