There are, I'm guessing, thousands of you out there. You're clearly not all from south of the Mason/Dixon- this spirited venture would appear to encompass the whole of N America and Europe. So- we can't all be playing 12-bars in G, or mournful dustbowl slide (I am SO jealous of Beetlejuice!)- what are YOU playing?

I'm really new to this game- after nearly forty years not quite getting six-strings, I've had a pretty productive forty days, and have posted three items of varying UK takes on proper rhythm'n'blues (NOT R&B). And I've had some positive feedback- it's different, apparently. But from what? Is most everything else just 'blues in G'?

To quote Marvin Gaye- what's going on?

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I'm still exploring all the sonic patterns I can get out of just three strings. In 1. 5. 8 in the key of G.  Mixing chords and single note runs to create rhythms. However none of it is the blues. Not sure how to categorize. Rock, soft rock, jazz, swing. Still just having fun. And still videoing every new combination I come up with. This way I have a recording of not only what it sounds like. But how I did it. 

Thank you Mr rat sir, that is a thoughtful reply. I think I may be doing something similar (I've kept to 1-5-8 too), recording, a bit of multi-tracking... Maybe it is because I'm relatively new to CBGs, but it is odd how there seem to be more possibilities with three strings than with six.

Thanks again, and good luck in your journeying!

Oh- I hope you're a bit jealous of that Beetljuice chap too.

I either just go for full-on improvisation trying to see what comes out, or I try to play something by ear..

I play tuned G2-G3-D

So far 'by ear' has had varying success with - 

Super Mario Bros theme
Tetris theme
Zoot Suit Riot 
My girl
Heard it on the GrapeVine
Because the Night

So various genres/artists

"various genres/artists"- I'll say! How many others are playing pooter game tunes on CBGs! Yours I think is a different approach to mine- I'm going for original composition, though I would LOVE to be able to play like Beetlejuice; maybe in twenty years (if I'm spared).

Have you tried other tunings? I've stuck with GDG cos it's a nice fit with punk thrashing, but if there's anything- I hesitate to type, but- more bluesy out there I'd be interested.

Thanks for your input. Now- back to the geetar!
I play a lot of rock with blues fusion feel sometimes I noodle till I stumble on a riff like grape vine ,boots are made for walking ,lots of original tunes I work on with my kids,some days I just slow blues dust bowl slide I think the secret to Beetlejuce sound is to search out your feelings and use your instrument and soul to sing the song of the south .I mai my play in A,then I dig the open F ,so I keep 5 guits in different keys so if I feel like that sound o just reach for the rig thats set up .great question for the gang to answer .
Thanks Jeff- there's a bit to think about there. I've currently only got the two CBGs, both in G (one's studio quality while the other is barely more than a toy), but I'm building up to a build (so to speak). IT will have to be fretless and I think that will be the point at which I give the dust bowl stuff a try. Noodling is always good though!
Found a fun lesson for a pop country song - the lesson is by Glen Watt, the song is "buy me a boat". He has a few others too.
Isn't he part of the Gitty Gang? He did a lesson for Carney-man Blues or some such recently, no? If I ever decide to go country, he'll be my first part of call...

Yes he is a Gitty Gangsta all right.  His lessons are great, and not just country.

Yup Wal, you've seen and commented on at least one of my vids. Definitely not the blues. I've covered Cyndi Lauper, MJ Hurt, done several originals, some jazz (Autumn Leaves) many American trad tunes, several Irish trad tunes and whatever strikes my fancy. Many have been on 3 string with 151 tuning in various keys but some are done on other CB instruments. It's all only limited by the player's willingness to experiment and find cool stuff to do with CB instruments.

Ha- I would appear to be bang to rights as we say. Gonna have to be careful what I comment on in future! Don't get me wrong- I love the blues, but I'm never gonna be John Lee Hooker, or Beetlejuice, and I was curious as to what other players were trying. I've never been face to face with another CBG player y'see...

Please Wal, comment away. We all love to hear from others who are doing this stuff! Even gentle criticisms are a good thing to keep us all honest. Face to face with other CBG players is a huge help but thank goodness for all the learning tools now available. Play it as you feel it and know that there is no wrong way to do it! Lots of of cool styles and ways to play these wonderful instruments!


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