Ok i have finished my first cbg and i did not like the sounds coming out of it so first thing i did was change the high G string to a slightly thicker one than came with the gitty light package. That helped , then i made a bridge from a marlin bill and took out the bolt, that helped. Then i took the peizo i had epoxied to the underside of the lid and installed a humbucker... that helped a lot however the two lower strings D & G. Sound very muted especialy the D.  I am thinking it might be cause of the bridge being... not tight enough against the strings or something to do with the string contact at either end but they look fine. I am hoping someone can suggest the most likely thing to look for so i dont end up trying six things it aint looking for the one thing it is? Thanks

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You will get a lot of ideas coming in to help, but I've experienced bad strings in a new set. Especially if a cheep set, even a good brand can have dud's. I'd change them to check that first, otherwise you may find yourself chasing your tail.


Hi Robert, congrats on your first build and welcome aboard.

Does it sound muted both acoustically and amplified?

Both, i hasnt thought about those strings being the muted problem but, i used a cb light 3 string set and the high G just sounded too high even though the tuner said different. I put a thicker martin on and it sounds good now so i guess i will try switching the other two. That would be an easy fix. I have some dr pure blues strings on the way and can try those also. I found a number of things to do different next time too. For instance i should have set the neck/ fret board higher because to get enough tension at the saddle i have to keep the string at a for slide only level.  Thats ok as it gives me a good reason to make another right away. I will write back when i get a chance to switch strings . Thanks


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