I know these are home built instruments, and nobody worried about being perfect or if there even was any kind of standard when someone made their own 1,2 or however many string instrument, it was about the culture and music, but how many of you, have made a mistake in your build, couldn't let it go, had to dis assemble, repair or start over due to modern reasoning, not being able to stand a mistake in the build, whether it was physical or aesthetically? and would you sell one with mistakes, or have we all become Taylor, Martin, Dean wanna bees?

What's your faux pas, and what did you do, fix it, leave it, sell it as is? or.....

I'll go first, (need to lay on a couch like a patient) My second build, fret markers 15 thru 21, are now 14 thru 20...arghhhhhh, never done that before. Have 20 slots cut, and only 19 frets to use.....I'm reconditioning and reusing old ones, and didn't count right. It's killing me mentally, I don't know if it's modern consumerism mentality, whether it's a Taylor or Walmart Starcaster for $99, we want it perfect, so how does one recondition our thinking? I'm leaving my mistakes for now, trying to decide the ole "I'll keep this one" but that will irritate me just as much, set it on fire, fix it, I don't know.....is my hour up yet???!

fortunately the top design even if accidentally hides the fret markers on the fret board top mostly

What makes me mad about the carelessness, is this is one of my nicer oak neck jobs with a natural clear finish to show off the wood, but alas....what to do.

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Good coverup.

I love this one, could see me doing that too.  My latest was drilling the sound hole on the wrong end of the box, which led to cutting the slots for the neck backwards - no saying "I meant to do that" on that one.  I just picked a different box and put the other one aside for a future lefty maybe.

Yesterday I was measuring to put a strap button on, one of the last things I do.I was interrupted for just 45 seconds sat back down measured it drilled the hole in the wrong end under the neck. HA

So hard to to look at an error. I made that pretty little three string and instead of grabbing a 22 inch fret board I grabbed a 24. I had a whole stack of fret boards because I was practicing measuring and cutting them. I wanted to know how to figure out the placement without a computer. Well I didn't figure it out until I went to string it. So disappointing.
I was using a tin lunchbox to make a uke which because of the art on it is unintentionally left handed.

On one of my builds, I put the double dot at the 13th fret. Not exactly proud of it, but hey :)


How many of these have I done?  On one of my early builds, I put the marker dots at the 3,5,7,10 and 12 frets (instead of the 'harmonic' points at 3,5,7,9 and 12). Didn't realize my mistake until I was showing the instrument at a shop where I hoped to sell it.

The shop owner, no less, pointed it out!

I told him that playing your slide against the markers as I laid them out gave you a 'bluesy' sound up and down the scale. (I usually don't think that fast but I really wanted the showcase.) After trying it a few times, he shrugged and conceded the point.

Now I'm locked into building ALL my instruments that way. 

I've always heard that a "master" is one who is best at covering up their mistakes!

I put the dots for the 12th fret on the 11th once...  ugh...

So... I used a plug cutter, filled it in, and donated it to a Boy Scout troop's charity auction  win-win

Done the fret dots a couple of times, but my most annoying mistake was cutting off the head stock before i'd laid it out, almost the last thing on that guitar to do, end result was tuners that, unless you have pixie fingers it's a PIA to tune, but then again, mistakes without blood don't really count.

A little blood is a requirement even on successes, haw haw haw


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