I know these are home built instruments, and nobody worried about being perfect or if there even was any kind of standard when someone made their own 1,2 or however many string instrument, it was about the culture and music, but how many of you, have made a mistake in your build, couldn't let it go, had to dis assemble, repair or start over due to modern reasoning, not being able to stand a mistake in the build, whether it was physical or aesthetically? and would you sell one with mistakes, or have we all become Taylor, Martin, Dean wanna bees?

What's your faux pas, and what did you do, fix it, leave it, sell it as is? or.....

I'll go first, (need to lay on a couch like a patient) My second build, fret markers 15 thru 21, are now 14 thru 20...arghhhhhh, never done that before. Have 20 slots cut, and only 19 frets to use.....I'm reconditioning and reusing old ones, and didn't count right. It's killing me mentally, I don't know if it's modern consumerism mentality, whether it's a Taylor or Walmart Starcaster for $99, we want it perfect, so how does one recondition our thinking? I'm leaving my mistakes for now, trying to decide the ole "I'll keep this one" but that will irritate me just as much, set it on fire, fix it, I don't know.....is my hour up yet???!

fortunately the top design even if accidentally hides the fret markers on the fret board top mostly

What makes me mad about the carelessness, is this is one of my nicer oak neck jobs with a natural clear finish to show off the wood, but alas....what to do.

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Damn it. Now I wanna do it.. And then like every CBG and canjo will have that 1 magic purple thinger or other and it'd be standard.. which would really be weird when someone forgets it and messes up and paints it green instead.

Green Garage G-Fret

 I have never been concerned about how the instrument looks . My main focus has always been how well does it play and can I improve it. No slivers from that neck, she is good to go ,(-:

My Indian name is Screws Up Plenty and I do.  Well, at this point, I can knock out a piezo fretless in my sleep and have it be pretty good.  Usually.  

Mag pups, frets and some other factors complicate things and increase my errors.  I am on a difficult build right now and I just need to look at it like a challenge to overcome.

But, I have made plenty of errors.  I have fairly often put a build aside for a while and come back to it.  I enjoy coming back later on and re-doing gits.  And a few have got what they deserved.  Parted out smashed and burn piled.

My guitars are perfect and I never screw up.

My Indian name is Heliesalot.

If your selling it just tell the people the truth you'll sleep better.

I have moved frets , tailpieces ,  sanded off new lacquer I almost always forget to put fret markers in before fretting.

What tribe?

Do you (and others) normally put side markers at frets 14,16, 18, and 20? (second photo) I don't think I've ever installed more than 15 frets, so it's not been an issue. Just wondering what others do.

I put side markers where I personally need them.  3,5,7 and 12.  If I intend the git to be primarily used for slide - I put the side markers right on the sweet spots - right under those frets.

markers after 12 are supposed to be 15,17,19,21, 24, not the 14-16-18-20 numbskull bonehead thing I did LOL.

I only go that high on 4 string or higher string instruments, in case I want to tune them like you would the first 4+ strings on a 6 string

So you changed the "mode" after fret 12? ;)

I'd call it the Deanolydian mode and market it as such. lol

Deanolydian mode, Hmmmm, I like it!

I'll have finished pics of that git on the thread "Build #2" of my threads sometime tomorrow, looks pretty sweet, hope it plays as good as it looks.


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