Ok so im 3 strings and im gdg. Scale length 25.5". I'm using lite strings at the moment and I'm happy with the tension and sustain on the 2nd & 3rd, but the first string, tuned correctly, seems much looser and has got that buzz. I'm thinking a heavier gauge might fix the problem. Have I got this all wrong? I'd just like a bit more tension on the first string.

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What are the diameters of the strings you are using ?

3rd .042NW, 2nd .030NW and the bothersome 1st is .009 plain steel. Any recommendations?

Those gauges are way out of whack - .042 and .030 are OK but you want anything between .020w and .024w on the top. You can go plain gauge, but I find them rather stiff and dead sounding compared to a wound of the same gauge. We produce various sets, all aimed at proper playability - getting the string gauges right can make a huge difference to the feel of a guitar.

Hey chicken bone. Im a big fan of your work, you've helped alot through your yt Videos. I tried the .026 from the medium set I had and didn't like it much. Too much tension. I found a set of steel acoustic strings and put the .014 unwound on. Seems good but a bit bright compared to the others. I'll grab a set of electric strings and try that. I'll definitely try a set of your strings too. Thanks again.
Hey chicken bone. Along the same lines, ie, string tension and playability. What is your favourite scale length for cbg's? I made my first one 25.5" and I love it but I've got so much to learn. I've got 3 necks on the go atm and haven't decided on scale length. I'm a cabinet maker by trade but a complete beginner playing and not getting any younger. So any and all advise is welcomed and encouraged. Cheers
Nothing wrong with mixing gauges. 25.5 is Fender scale length. Take an A string from a Medium set. Ar you using electric or acoustic strings? You may want to use a phosphor bronze acoustic Medium A...
Well that's an eye opener for me. Sounds good. I've already bought "medium" strings and the first string jumps in diameter from the lite I'm using now @ .009 plain steel to the medium first @ .026 nickel wound. I would have thought there was an option between but I'll give it a go just replacing the first.

so you used the #5, #4, and #1 strings from a pack...with the #1 drop tuned a Major 6th to get the higher G note, yes it will feel floppy.

1) try the #3 string instead for the octave G

2) or the #2 string since its only a major 2nd drop tuning for that octave G

3) or tune the #1 up another octave so its uptuned a minor 2nd for a 1-5-16 (8-octave) tuning.  don't worry, a light tension string can be tuned up a 4th and becomes a medium tension string.

Thanks JL. Yeah, I've tried a #2 @ .014. Seems much better.

I rarely look at if the pack says light or medium because the string gauges vary quite a bit from one brand to another and from electric to acoustic. I always look at the actual gauge of the strings. The ones mentioned by CB John are perfect for GDg tuning but I often use lighter ones for a different sound and feel. The lightest gauge I've gotten away with for the high g string is a .017 plain. It has plenty of tension and bends well if bends are in your playing style. The low G is .036ish and the middle D is around .026 when I want a lighter set. This closely corresponds to an electric "regular" set's 5th, 4th and 3rd strings if that helps.

Thanks. It does help. Being an absolute beginner I didn't know what to think. You and the others contributers help alot. Thank you.

.040, .030 - unwound .014-.018 .  I like the unwound high string ,


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